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Hope is just around

Inspiring Poetry

There is none to take from the world beyond,
Far out of reach from the heaven we seek,
Nor down below the ground of which we are buried by.

How much in life can we have?
Nor take from unless we have something to leave behind,
Can we take a chance?
Or leave it to be wornderous,
For the legacy we have can we ask for much?
Or do we have to just be it may our time in this life,
Should be a the living proof that reality is our only key.Hope is what I want to have not pain,
To give our heroes the dreams they once believed in,
Come into the light without asking nor telling,
Can we just do that?

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Rajiv C Doraiswamy
Rajiv C Doraiswamy is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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