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India Shining Through timeline

Inspiring lines of poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain. In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.

Trilok Kumar Jain Poetry


Hatred, Red-Tape, Corruption

Taxes for our own deeds

We do everything

We bring everything

We are the craftsmen

We are the workers

We are the creators

But we have to pay taxes

For ill-governance

For administrators

For officers

Who still inherit imperialism

Who shout at common

Who is haughty and corrupt

Dividing India on caste

Breaking a country in communities


Little Flowers with Smiles

Little Angels with Zest

Its new India

People are the Heroes

Common is common

No Bureaucracy

No Red-tapism

No archaic laws

No Officialism

Warmth everywhere

Opportunities everywhere

Rising sun

Shining Business

New Ventures

Era of Startups

Some dreams

Some reality

Yes - Its India

The architechts are the Youth


The Golden era is here

Prosperity everywhere

Small is thriving

Innovation is flourishing

Youth are the changemakers

Startups are the Breadearners

Challenge is the lifestyle

We have writers

We have philosophers

We have dreamers

We have scientists

We also have

Ethical Lifestyle

Ancient Heritage

Age old values

Respect for the Elders

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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