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Remembering You

The touch of lines that rhyme is like no other.
When the sun retires and the moon in its glory appears

When the tired birds fly back to their home away.

And animals in stillness conspire

Your thoughts begin to reappear.

Mind knows you aren't astray

But just a few miles away

Heart is not willing to accept

Silently I begin to detest.

I remember those moments

Those pillow fights and pinches quiet

That scream of laughter

And pretending to be in anger.

I miss it, above all I miss you.

One day is not too long

But a moment without you I do not feel strong.

You have engulfed me

In you I am no longer Me.

Sonal Lobo Poetry
I am shutting my eyes

But sleep seem to never knock

In the darkness I search for your arms to rest my head

I have forgotten it's an empty bed.

I have lots to say

The stories of the entire day with you alone I want to share.

I stand by the window and stare the twinkling stars

And hope to reach you though far.

Sometimes when you were around your noise would irritate

Today in this quietness I wish those moments I could recreate.

Look at the night sky and feel my love

When I to almighty whisper a silent prayer.

May the sun soon appear

And this loneliness disappear

Oh Dear
Eagerly waiting for you to appear

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Sonal Lobo
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