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When I Fly

Poetry touches the heart like no other
When I fly I will fly high up beyond the sky

Spread out my wings and straighten my limbs

I will flap my wings heavily so no fluff sticks

And wipe clean my feathers from any dust

When I crash an alien and fall

My fall shall not reach the ground

For the distance will then be wide

My wings therefore shall flap again

Poetry by Martin Kwesi Appah
If falling I hit a tree and break my wings

No exacerbation of mine will curse the tree

My wings will receive consolation and healing

Yes with the leaves of the same tree

As the healing continues with the leaves

And flying to get food becomes hindered

The fruits of the tree shall be food indeed
Strength again to fly even beyond the first

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Martin Kwesi Appah
A Ghanaian who is ready to inspire and be inspired.

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