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How to Watch Soccer Online with Betting Sites

Online Betting Industry

Not many people are aware that many online betting sites are offering live streaming service that includes coverage of many sports. Gaining access to this is much easier than you think, and there are no hidden adds, links or suspicious sites to deal with. Let’s start with an explanation of why bookies have live streaming available in the first place

It’s a strong acquisition tool for them

Since there are so many good betting sites today, the competition is high. This means one has to offer a significantly better product than the other, where live streaming kicks in. Would you rather choose a bookie which has Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga and Series A games available throughout the whole season or someone who doesn’t? Some of the providers are offering an insane number of streamed events and sport, ranging between 40 000 and 120 000! It is worth adding that resolution or screen size is not going to be as when you watch the match on TV, but being able to watch your favorite team when there is no other source of coverage does feel amazing.
How can you find betting sites that provide live streams? It is simple. Head to and lookup for such information on their homepage. Besides good bookies with the streaming feature, this website is also an excellent source of the latest betting promotions and bonuses, so make sure to check them regularly.

What is the catch?

Live streaming is available to customers who have a positive balance in their betting account. What does this mean? You need to open a new account with a sportsbook, make the first deposit and have those funds available. So you can basically say live streaming with betting sites come with a cost. That is partially true. What a customer can do in a situation like this is withdraw the big part of the stack.
Online Betting Industry Let’s take a look at the example. You joined a sportsbook with the main intention to watch sports games and leagues which are not covered on TV cable networks that much and deposit $10. After a couple of days, simply make a request to withdraw $9 back to your card, with $1 remaining in the sportsbook account.
This has been tested numerous times and yes, it does work and still grants you access to the live streaming section. What we could add here is that you need to be at least 18 years old in order to have a betting account. Also, some of the sports events might apply country restrictions. Every bookie has a list of streamed events, rules and dates so it would be wise to check it out.

Is there anything but soccer to watch?

Absolutely! Fans of basketball can enjoy watching every single Euroleague and NBA match throughout the season. The same goes for people who enjoy tennis the most. Every single Masters tournament and every single Grand Slam event is usually live streamed on online betting sites. Sports fans from North America will also be glad to see a fantastic choice when it comes to ice hockey as well (NHL live to stream, KHL, etc). Some of the other popular leagues/events streamed with online betting sites are soccer Brazilian Serie A, soccer Argentine Primera Division, American Major League Soccer, Cricket World Championships, volleyball matches.

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