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The Inspiring Growth Of E-sports and E-Sports Betting Globally

Every industry sees challenges at the onset and those that are backed by visionaries, demand from people and rewarding futures always meet growth that is unparalleled and an example for other industries to follow. The e-sports industry is one of them. Read ON!
esports growth globally

E-sports scene has gained massive popularity over the course of the last ten years. Players are no longer competing against friends or in their local area just for fun and prestige. The amount of money secured for big esports tournaments today is just unbelievable. Of course, many of the online betting sites have recognized the potential and introduced betting lines for many different games and tournaments. This turned out into a massive success. It was labeled as the fastest-growing category in online gambling, reaching over $8 billion in total wagers. There was $560 million in revenue reported so far. Considering the fact that tournament prize pools are rising, as well as a number of quality sponsors, we expect these numbers just to be bigger in the near future.

How did all this begin you might ask? Two games made a huge difference, both made by Valve – Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2. These two are in the top 3 list of the most popular e-sports today, shoulder to shoulder with League of Legends. They are not working on a subscription method, which means it’s free to play. The company is making money by offering unique skins 
esports growth globally
for heroes and characters inside of the game, and these have been selling like hotcakes. There is an annual tournament held for best DOTA 2 team across the world, and you might feel a little bit dizzy after seeing the actual prize pools. Let’s take a look at the International 2018. It was held in Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada.

The total prize pool for this event was $25 million. The winning team OG has won $11 million. Imagine playing a video game you love and competing against other teams for a prize this big! This is why people love e-sport. There are over 15,000 fans present during LAN events, shouting and chanting their squad’s name. A big majority of them love to place bets as well, and there are numerous legitimate ways to do this today. However, if you are not a big fan of sports betting, there are many different options online, like playing poker, bingo or casino. If you decide to try some video slots, you should check out Casinobiggestbonus slots reviews. Here, you will find lots of slots reviews and you can even try them for free by taking advantage of casino welcome packages, exclusive to the readers of this website.

Most Popular Markets & Tournaments

esports growth globally There are many different betting options when it comes to DOTA 2 The International tournament. There are over 120 duels played during this event, which also means there are many betting lines available. The most common ones, of course, are betting on 
match winner – you simply try to predict the final outcome and choose a winner between two teams. Since the standard format of these games is best of three, this also opens up the handicap betting market. If you feel your team is super strong and about to crush the opposition, just back them to win all games. Correct score option is one of the most lucrative when it comes to potential returns, as the odds tend to be higher than for the normal markets. Some of the other available lines are Double Chance, Map X Winner or Win At Least One Map.

When it comes to the second game we mentioned above, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the markets are different because the game is completely different. Here we have two squads of five players each battling in first-person shooter. Unlike in DOTA 2, the winner in CS is known after winning a certain number of rounds, not after destroying objectives.

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