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Advocating TREE Plantation for the Environment of Tomorrow

As much as we claim we are busy with everything but being able to make time for the environment, that much we are moving away from a healthy life ourselves. One of the strongest solutions for resolving the environment crisis we live in is planting of trees. Dr Trilok Kumar Jain shares in his words what he believes can help and why he advocates it. Read ON!

Call a Doctor - for mother earth ?
can someone revive earth?
start reverse counting
wake up call
rise and see yourself
where is life?
how is life?
no oxygen
no water
no greenery
scorching sun
rising temperature
depleting mother earth
kindle a hope
plant a tree
nurture ecosystem
save the future
you have the panacea
one tree = 100 lives
10 trees = 1 million lives
a million smiles
a new ray of hope
lets revive our mother earth

The availability of per capita trees in India is very less in comparison to other countries like Canada. There is a mandate on every government to increase tree plantation today in order to reduce the negative impact of climate change. Thus there is a need of some concerted actions on the part of governments to promote tree plantation. Such initiatives can help the entire world.

Planting Trees Governments and government institutions have huge land available to them, which they rarely manage properly. They convert the land into useless concrete by converting the land into some unnecessary concrete building or purpose. Huge land forces them to spread their buildings in far off places to ensure that the land is utilized on paper at least. Governments must be stopped from concretising vast land into cemented jungles. There is a need of greenery all around and the government land can easily be used for massive tree plantations.

A vast land is spread out here and there – mostly owned by government or large companies. This land has the potential to generate some food and shelter. What is needed is to plant some trees which can generate some food. There is an urgent need of an initiative on the part of government to undertake massive tree plantation in those parts of lands which are lying un-utilised with government or government departments. The government can institutionalize a program similar to NAREGA to ensure participation of common people for tree plantation. This tree plantation drive can ensure greenery all over the country. The persons who undertake tree plantation on vacant government land should be appropriately rewarded by government. These initiatives will keep people engaged in some fruitful activities and will provide fruits to the people, who need something to feed. The biggest crisis of the present time is lack of enough fresh food for the common people, which is also causing severe health related disorders. Those persons, who are able to eat fresh fruits or fresh vegetables are able to remain healthier in comparison to those, who are not able to get fresh fruits and vegetables. The initiatives towards plantation of fruit bearing trees will help the poor. There is a shortage of such trees around. The prices of common fruits are now getting out of the reach of the poor, who find it difficult to obtain fresh fruits. The poor will be happy to maintain trees on government land and will be able to get fresh fruits and some incentives in return.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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