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Your Ceilings Would Fall in Love With Fanzart's Designer Fans

Startups that inspire are those that push growth in market segments where there's so much competition already. Ceiling fans could well be one such arena to compete in. But, when you have innovation backing your growth you just know that you would lead & Fanzart just got this right. Read ON!

Can we get introduced to the Founders of Fanzart?

Anil Lala - A Mechanical Engineer turned business man, Anil Lala was a Garment exporter for 25 years. A First generation Entrepreneur, Anil has run multiple businesses in his life and has tried his hand at Enterprise Software, Consumer Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance and finally Designer Fans.

Tarun Lala - An Electrical Engineer from Northeastern University and a certified Entrepreneur from Stanford, Tarun has pursued endeavors - at both corporate as well as entrepreneurial levels. After working in the US for 2 years, he returned to India and while working in a Corporate, initiated Fanzart with his father, Anil Lala. At heart, he is a technologist and still keeps one hand on the pulse of Technology.


How did this idea of Designer Fans originate? What is the Vision behind this?

We started off as a consumer, looking for designer fans for our home. We saw some really cool fans abroad and wanted similar for our home in Bangalore. But we couldn’t find any. In a country where fans are a prominent part of our homes, and yet not evolved - functionally or aesthetically - we wanted to fill in the gap of fans in the Premium & Luxury market catering to HNIs and UHNIs. The vision of Fanzart is to add Art to your ceiling and give you a more luxurious experience of breeze and air circulation. It is a very common misconception that the higher the RPM, the more breeze it gives you. Our products offer a higher air displacement with a higher blade angle AND are completely whisper quiet in the process.

How did the name ‘Fanzart’ come in place? What does it suggest?

With the vision of Adding Art to your ceilings, we brought ‘fans’ and ‘art’ together and made it Fanzart.

Could you share some of the Attitudes that form a base of the Venture?

- I think Passion is the first thing that comes to mind. As the largest boutique brand of Designer Fans in India, our team is highly passionate about what we do, the value we offer, the relationships we create and the reactions we consequently receive. We are also a lean team and so every single person contributes in a significant way. Sometimes I find a lot more passion coming from the Individual contributors than even myself.

- We are the only Product brand in the Luxury Designer Fan market. The others are store brands. And hence we are a product driven company. From finding fans that are aesthetic, making them functional and then consistently finding product positions to fill in the world of fans - residential, corporate, hospitality, outdoor and more, we focus heavily on our product and it’s quality.

Do you see a change in the response of Indian Market which has been considered as a Cost-savvy Market? How did you face the challenges regarding this in the early stages?

- In 2012, we received a lot of hesitation & apprehension from the market, friends and well-wishers. The first year was expectedly shaky. 2013 onwards, it shot up.

- Fans are also a last mile purchase and so most of the home related budgets are exhausted. And then the reference price points of conventional fans are very small.

- We started seeing an adoption, slowly and surely. From end consumers, architects, interior designers and more. We soon were adopted by many celebrities - actors, cricketers etc.

Today - there are ‘me too’s in the market trying to do what we’ve done and the bigger name who have been giants in the fan industry and trying to do the same.

Could you share features of some of the key Products of Fanzart?

a) Unique Blade Angle (3x Blade Angle):

Conventional fans have 3-degree blade angle where as we provide anywhere between 9 - 12 degrees

b) 3x Air Flow: With the help of unique blade angle, we can give 3X air ?ow.

c) Whisper Quite Technology:

With unique blade angles on our fans we are able to achieve whisper quite technology

d) Summer Winter Feature (Bi-Directional Blades): Anti-clockwise for cool breeze and clockwise rotation for a warm and cozy feeling.

e) Radio Frequency Remotes: Touch Screen with LCD Screens

f) BLDC Motors (Brushless DC Motors):

These motors consume lesser power and also make the motor housing more compact.

g) Customizable Blades: Polish to match Any lacquer ?nish

h) Customizable Domes: Print any Image or picture on the domes

i) Integration with Home Automation System

j) Smart Series:

  • Eco Feature: The fan regulates its speed according to the outside temperature
  • 3D Oscillation: 90-degree horizontal oscillation as well as 90-degree vertical oscillation
  • Human Sensor: The fan uses heat wave to sense where the people are in the room and they then oscillate only to that area.
  • 360 Degree Oscillation
k) Bluetooth Speaker: You can use any device with Bluetooth to connect to the fan

l) Multiple LED Light Color Options: Warm White Cool White Day Light

m) Eco Friendly

n) Reversible Blades: Dual Coloured Blades

o) Customizable Nature of the Susan:

- Laser Cutting cast Iron
- Branding 3D Printing Branding
- Desired Light Feature

Have you managed to raise any Funding? How are you funded?

We are bootstrapped since the inception.

What were the core steps taken to establish the Venture considering some of the International brands are amongst the competitors today?

None of the international brands were offering our value proposition. When we started, our niche product positioning was completely overlooked. Now there are other brands.

We would like to know some statistical and other achievements of Fanzart.

  • 56 Experience Centers across India.
  • 30 more by affiliations. Will be a total of 150 by 2020.
  • Presence in 6 Countries.
  • Award: Power Brand - Rising Star.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year by Ficci Flo.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year by Jain University.
  • Brand Association with brands like Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Taj and more.
  • Many Celebrity Clientele - Including Actors, cricketers and more.
If you are asked to suggest that 1 change in the Market, keeping the Indian segment in purview, that would be a crucial boost to the venture, what would that be?

If the market bans Aluminium and other materials on account of safety and power consumption, it would be a huge boost. Our fans are mostly high quality ABS and specially handcrafted wooden.

Which are the current operational Cities of Fanzart? Are there any expansion plans on the cards?

We have 55 Experience centers in over 44 cities. Tiers 1, 2 and many 3s are covered.

How did you manage to create the unique designs at the time of inception with no expertise in Fan-designing?

These products conceptually existed elsewhere and so the effort was to understand designs, where function, form and aesthetics - meet! Further going into how they are designed, manufactured, tested and taken to market. And then there was understanding the retail market in the luxury segment. It involved a lot of traveling, discovering and experimentation.

Fanzart The fact that these products (products that come under last mile purchase), don't exist in these forms for significantly higher pricing in a place like India. They were in the 'electrical' section rather than in furniture or interiors, and are considered merely functional rather than a design statement was a change of mindset we had to bring in right from the start.

And then there was history. Designer fans had been introduced to India on multiple occasions in the past. Whether it was timing, buying behavior, the need for design or business mechanics - it had never worked in India before.

One by one we partnered with the right partners for the job. A design agency based in Spain, OEM Manufacturers from multiple countries became our valuable partners, while engineering the integration to the Indian ceilings and testing of - quality and finish - of the product are things we do in-house.

How have you managed to keep the designs unique even at this stage?

Part 1:

We keep listening to the market.

We came up with fans with retractable blades, to serve the purpose of a "hidden" fan along with the light feature above a dining table. Usually people like a light feature above their dining table, but miss out on the fan part. This solves that.

Similarly we came up with chandelier fans OR fandeliers.

Fans for walk-in wardrobes, pooja rooms, kitchen & bathrooms etc.

We introduced the first recessed false ceiling fan in India for commercial purposes.

Mist fan, for outdoor purposes - Roof tops, restaurants, resorts / hotels, stadiums, manufacturing units, anything outdoor basically. Some use it for indoor purposes as well.

We have started customizing fans via laser & 3D printing to introduce a company's name, brand or logo with a fan OR also printing pictures, characters and more on light domes that come with the fan.

Part 2:

Design agency based in Spain.

How are you able to manage the costs of R&D?

The entire R&D doesn't purely belong to us. We have a hybrid R&D between us and our partners. Some of these products existed (and we introduced them in India exclusively) and some have been introduced by us. We have just completed 7 years and all of the above was executed one by one. The market warmed up to us and our products, and our adoption and brand loyalty allowed us to take further steps every year with a significant change in company size and affordability.

What is the message that you would like to share with our readers globally?

Add Art to your ceilings, with Fanzart - a New Benchmark of Desire in Luxury Fans! :)

For more Products, visit their Website or you can connect to them through Email You could follow their updates on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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