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PowerPoint Presentations Get Very Interesting With SlideLizard's Interactive PlugIn

Designing presentations is an essential part of every business or organisational journey. Every marketer, sales leader, CEO, freelancer or even a speaker/coach needs quality presentations to get the message across. SlideLizard helps you get your presentations get interactive and useful for your audiences.
Powerpoint Presentations

Can we get introduced to the Founder/s of SlideLizard?
We are a team of three founders who graduated and went to university together.

Jakob is the one in charge of our tech stack while also being head of B2B sales. He is a skilled software developer and project manager with quite a few years of work experience in the respected fields. He chose business informatics for his studies, which allowed him to further develop his technical skills, while getting a good understanding of economics as well.

Next, there is Christoph. Having realized the unexploited potential of many presentations of these days, Christoph, especially uses his skills in logic and algorithms for solving complex problems. He studied informatics and has already put his knowledge to good use while working on large projects in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

Daniel is a perfectionist by nature, but also a passionate designer and developer. He graduated in software engineering and then decided to append a degree in economics to acquire the required skills for starting his own company. During his studies he worked as developer for Runtastic, a famous fitness app company (back then, also still a Start-Up). [In the picture below of the founders you can identify them as Mr. Jakob (Left), Mr. Christoph (right corner), Mr. Daniel (right)]

What is the Vision behind the idea? How did it originate?

Everything started with the recurring annoying problem we had when we attended workshops and events: How do you get to the slides of the presentations? A few months later, the idea of SlideLizard was born. What started as a software for sharing presentation slides, quickly grew into an all-in-one Plugin for interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Powerpoint Presentations

Could you help us understand the concept of SlideLizard and how does it enhance the usage of PowerPoint?

In its core, SlideLizard is a PowerPoint-Plugin which lets presenters interact with their audience. Participants join the presentation with a unique presentation link and can access the slides and shared resources, but as well ask questions, vote in live polls and give feedback.

Could you highlight some key features of SlideLizard?

The direct integration in PowerPoint makes SlideLizard as convenient as it can be. Sharing the slide deck is as simple as one click, and during the presentation the speaker can observe incoming questions and conduct polls without leaving PowerPoint a single time. After the presentation you'll get the collected email addresses and detailed analytics of your audience.

What have been the key challenges and bottlenecks faced in the Journey this far?

For us one of the hardest challenges definitely was to build up our marketing and sales. Considering, that we all have a technical background, this was fairly new to us in the beginning. However, with the help of some experts and a lot of learning by doing, I think we’re now on a good track and well prepared for the future.

Powerpoint Presentations

Who are the potential beneficiaries of the Product?

At SlideLizard we focus on two types of customers: professional speakers and large companies. Speakers use SlideLizard to make their presentations stand out by engaging the audience. Moreover, the analytics features also come handy for them, since it allows speakers to get the email addresses of their audience members. Companies use our software at large events and employee trainings but also internal meetings. With SlideLizard they can make their events more interactive and show their customers that they are an innovative company. In smaller settings like trainings or workshops, the included slide and document sharing is ideal to foster learning and knowledge transfer.

Have you managed to raise any Funding? How are you funded?

We recently received a 6-figure, state-funded investment, but we’re already planning to raise more capital this year through national subsidies. However, we also invested a lot of our own savings in the company and got a small funding from our incubator.

We would like to know some statistical achievements of SlideLizard.

At the time of writing we have already a few hundred speakers worldwide who are using SlideLizard for their daily presentations. We are also very proud that some renowned companies like ‘Reichl und Partner’ (largest advertising agency in Austria) or voestalpine (global steel producer with more than 4.5 billion in revenue) are already clients of SlideLizard.

Powerpoint Presentations

Where do you envision the above numbers to reach in the next 2-3 years?

Our goal for the next 1-2 years is to grow our user base of speakers to a couple of thousands. In terms of B2B customers, we plan to get a few hundred companies on board to use SlideLizard for their events but as well for their meetings and trainings.

Ultimately, our goal is to establish SlideLizard as a must-have Plugin for all PowerPoint users.

What have been the other Achievements of SlideLizard?

In the past we have won quite a few pitching challenges and awards. Moreover, we’re especially proud to be part of the current batch in one of the best incubators here in Austria (only a handful of Start-Ups get selected to participate).Which are the current operational Cities of SlideLizard? Any expansion plans on the cards? We currently have our main focus on Germany and Austria and plan to conquer the UK & US in the coming years. However, since SlideLizard is a digital product, we aren’t limited by country boundaries. Therefore, we already have quite a few users from all over the world like Canada, the US and India.

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