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Your Space - India's First Self-Storage Facility

While providing commercial warehousing space for the businesses, Disha and Viral realized the need of space for an individual. In India, there are very little options and flexibility for individuals to overcome their ever-growing space requirement. Read the story of YOUR SPACE for unlimited inspiration to bring ideas to reality. Read ON!
Your Space Story

1. Can we get introduced to the Founders of Your Space?

Your Space Doctor is a new business venture conceptualized and promoted by Mr. Viral Doctor (Ex-Director with OEC Records Management Company Pvt. Ltd.) and Ms. Disha Doctor (Business System Analyst). With a collective experience of 30+ years in the records management business, Disha and Viral Doctor are committed to bring storage solution to an individual's doorstep.

Mr. Viral Doctor- Co-founder

Your Space is the brainchild of Viral. Having led OEC Records Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. for over 16 years, he leveraged his experience and innovative approach to build the foundation of the business. With a rich experience in handling all business divisions, he brings a robust and customer-centric approach at Your Space

Ms. Disha Doctor- Co-founder

Disha possesses in depth knowledge of all aspects of the business. She plays the role of creative head and has understanding of technology. As a DevOps Manager, she is the bridge between development, quality and technology teams. She directly looks after all operations of the company.

2. How did this idea of creating a storage solution originate? What is the Vision behind this?

Sharing a little background about Your Space:

Genesis from a trusted legacy: Your Space is the brainchild of Ms. Disha Doctor and Mr. Viral Doctor (Ex-Director of OEC Records Management Co. Pvt. Ltd). OEC, established in 2000, offers end to end solution for records management in India, With over 600+ trained professionals, storage capacity of over 5 million cubic feet in 10 cities across India and state-of-art technology, infrastructure and proven record of offering most secure spaces, OEC is the most trusted name for records management in India. It clientele includes private banks, PSU banks, co-operative banks , foreign banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, NBFC’s , CA firms, logistics firms, hotels, restaurants, etc.

OEC Records Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) | Member of PRISM since 2006

After successfully leading OEC , Viral and Disha entered the space of Self Storage by bringing the concept to INDIA for the first time. It is an aligned business model to their earlier records management company.

Your Space Story


While providing commercial warehousing space for the businesses, Disha and Viral realized the need of space for an individual. In India, there are very little options and flexibility for individuals to overcome their ever-growing space requirement.

While at all stages of an individual’s life there is always an inherent need of extra storage space, this small individual requirement cannot be met by renting out since most of warehousing and transit service providers are largely unorganized and unprofessional.

One will need to rent a bigger space (even for a small space requirement) for a fixed lock-in period, pay brokerage, maintenance charges, etc. thereby incurring a high cost, with Your Space, we bring storage at an individual’s doorstep, offering anyone flexible storage with flexible period of time ,ie. for any amount of storage space required and for as long as he wishes to. It can be as small as a boxful of storage space or as massive as one may need, at an affordable pricing.

This is how Your Space was born. Your Space is committed to bring storage solutions to an individual’s doorstep. We create SPACE for you.

3. Could you throw some light on the concept of Self-Storage solution provided by Your Space? How did you figure out the need for this?

Self -Storage as an industry is not new. The self-storage industry has a brief history in Asia compared with that in more mature markets in Australia, Europe and North America. In the United States self-storage is a $24B business, and publicly traded self-storage companies have consistently outperformed the S&P 500. There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the US alone, totaling 2.3 billion square feet of storage space. Although well established in countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, it is virtually nonexistent in Asia’s largest market like India.

Viral and Disha have a rich experience in warehousing and records management and entered the space of Self Storage to cater and change the space dynamics in INDIA


There are times in an individual’s life when changes are happening fast and one needs to keep up without getting rid of their things that take up space, which have value to them, or which they may need in future. In such situations, its best to box such items and store away, until life settles a bit and one decides what to do next. This is where YOUR SPACE comes in- to give that extra bit of storage space to you, just as an extension to your homes.

Whether its small space requirement or massive, we have storage units to let out on personal or commercial use. Your Space is your bit of extra space for the time you are making an adjustment in your lives.

Whether you are having a new baby, getting married, relocating/renovating, divorce, retirement, death, at all stages of life, having your things in order and reclaiming your personal space can lead to peace of mind. Your Space steps in as your personal butler, keeping your things safe and secure and returning on request.


Your Space is convenient, easy and affordable. We provide flexible and affordable storage solutions right for all personal and business use. It is a valet storage service. We pick, collect, store and return right from your doorstep.

4. Could you share about the various storage options available with Your Space. For whom would it be potentially be useful for?

B2B clients: Your Space is connecting with its records management clients right now. Their records management clientele includes private banks, PSU banks, co-operative banks, foreign banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, NBFC’s, CA firms, logistics firms, hotels, restaurants, etc.

B2C: Horizontal market: from a new born baby – toddler- teenager- marriage- death, at all stages of life need storage

Your Space Story


Available to Individuals/Households/Businesses

  • Box Management (valet service)
  • Flexible Space management (self & Valet service)
  • Self-Storage Units (self & Valet service), special units available for specialty storage as well
  • Humidity & Temperature controlled Units
  • Valet storage: making it easy, convenient and affordable
  • Huge Savings: Easy, affordable, hassle free
Your Space takes away all the hassle one needs to incur in order to rent a storage unit. It also helps you save on your savings due to:

  • No Deposit
  • No service charge
  • No maintenance or utility charge
  • No brokerage
  • No lock in period
  • No Advance
  • No complicated agreements/lease contracts to sign
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Insurance facilitated
  • Flexible storage
  • Multiple site storage facilities across India.
  • Dedicated Customer Service
5. What is the approach to growth in Your Space? And what Attitudes form the core of Venture?

Self-Storage is an established market globally. In India its practically non-existent.

The traditional models of warehousing and other transit service providers leave little options and flexibility for business owners and individuals. Your Space's vision is to partner businesses and individuals in their quest for overcoming space constraints and bring world-class, professional and personalized service in the storage industry.

Your Space Story In India, with real estate prices going up (average household sizes getting smaller and smaller) and with the economic growth of the country on the rise, purchasing power is increasing, this leads to our basic problem: space constraint.

Your Space bridges this gap between shortage of space and creating more space for an individual whether for personal or business use. This concept needs to be educated to the mass which is a big expense, responsibility and our biggest challenge.

Your Space ideology is based on the belief to make a difference in an individual’s lifestyle. No matter how small space requirement one has, Your Space wants to be able to create it for them.

Quote: Viral Doctor: “I want to help you arrange your personal space to support the way you work and live.”

6. What were the key challenges faced by the Founders and how did they overcome them?

Introduce Self-Storage in INDIA: While the concept of self-storage is widely popular and common abroad, however, in India, we face the biggest challenge of educating our clients. What is Self/Valet Storage? How it can help you? What is the concept? How does it work? Is it cost-effective? How can you save with this service? This is our biggest challenge.

However, the founders, with their rich experience wish to bring about a change in India’s space dynamics by providing Self-Storage for individuals and businesses, leveraged by technology combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive space solutions.

Your Space is therefore an e-commerce venture, backed by technology and professional service.

7. Have you raised any funding this far? What is your strategy with respect to Funding for the next phase of growth of the business?

Your Space is a bootstrapped business currently but we hope to raise funds in near future with aligned investors who believe in our concept.

8. Would you like to share some statistical or other achievements of Your Space?

Your Space Story Your Space has 16,000 sq. Ft of space, owned and managed, between Mumbai, Pune, & Vadodara currently. We are looking to scale up further.

Our clients are divided between B2B clients and B2C clientele. As mentioned earlier, Your Space is connecting with its records management clients right now. The records management clientele includes private banks, PSU banks, co-operative banks, foreign banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, NBFC's, CA firms, logistics firms, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, at this points OEC's reference may not be relevant. Currently, we have 400+ registered clients in YOUR SPACE.

Our clientele includes small women entrepreneurs, Hospitality companies, Expats, Students, exhibitioners, Householders and SMEs & Start-ups.

9. Where do you envision the brand of Your Space to reach in the next 2-3 years?

We target to own around 50000 sq. ft. of storage space by 2021-22

10. How many geographical locations is Your Space currently operational in? Any expansion plan on the cards to venture into other Markets?

We are available in Mumbai, Pune & Vadodara. We plan to soon launch in other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. and have a Pan-India presence soon.

Your Space Story 11. How do you plan to deal with the increasing competition from the other players in the space you are in?

Your Space is pioneer in Self-Storage in INDIA. Your Space is a member of SSAA (Self Storage Association Asia.) and SSA (Self Storage Association -US)

Unlike our competitors, Your Space is not a space aggregator, all warehouses are either owned or on long term lease, thereby making us managers for our client’s stored possessions.

Your Space Story Speciality Storage: Apart from that, we come from a background of storage expertise. We are pioneers in providing speciality storage: warehousing units which are temperature and humidity controlled environment, for those items which needs special protection from environment like, painting, antiques, etc. which perhaps no one in India is providing.

Technology: Your Space is an ecommerce platform to ease the convenience of our clients, Booking Storage is as easy as ordering pizza, we soon will launch our own app.

12. What is your message for the other very early-stage Startups & Entrepreneurship enthusiasts?

Quote- Viral & Disha Doctor-“You need to tap into the problem and create a solution for it. Create the product/service for it and keep it simple. Make a difference and give back to your society.”

For more information about Your Space, you can visit the Website

You can connect by calling us or get in touch with our customer service through our Email address for any assistance and our team will be happy to guide you.Alternatively, one can connect with us on the below mentioned platforms: Connect with us through: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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