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Identified by Mark D Radford

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Identified Authors Paradize

What inspired you to write this book?

It was back in 2004, I was reading a novel, and the old saying-there is a book in all of us came to mind. I had an idea in my head, and it all started from there. At the time, I had no idea how much enjoyment I would get from writing. As soon as I finished my first novel, I knew that I wanted to write another. The idea was already in mind, and it has just pushed on from there.

The earliest incidents you recall from your life where you first felt you had a writer in you?

It wasn't until 2004 that becoming a writer crossed my mind. At an early age, I was never one to read a book. It all came from the time when I started commuting to and from work; I needed something to fill the journey time. I decided to pick up this book that was recommended by my Dad. I didn't realize how relaxed I was and how quickly the journey time went by. I now find that my writing does the same as it relaxes me, removing any negatives.

Who do you think are the ideal readers for this book?

Identified covers anything from adventure, romance, crime, murder, friendship, and a few twists along the way. The feedback received suggested that this title is ideal for the reader who enjoys a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

What changed in your life most noticeably after you became an author?

My lifestyle for sure as I have now found something that I can pick up with any spare time I have away from work that relaxes me. It has changed my mindset, and it has allowed me to speak to some fantastic authors around the world. It has given me a new direction and would love to become a full-time writer eventually. When I go out or surround myself with others, I am now watching and listening as my mind is continuously thinking about new ideas. It is nice to achieve something in life that other people can enjoy.

Identified Authors Paradize What kind of schedules you had while doing this book? How many hours did it all take?

I was working shift work at the time when writing Identified. I put pen to paper on the journey to and from work. Depending on the time I arrived home, I would sometimes write in the evenings. Many hours were put to one side over the weekends. There were no schedules in place, as this was my first novel and didn't think things would go on from there. I had ideas to add going through my mind at work and would note them down. The hours were flexible, but the title took around six months to write. My working hours and dedication to writing have changed over the years. When I first started to write Identified, I didn't think for one minute that other titles would follow. Once I realized how much I enjoyed writing this title, many things especially set schedules, changed in time.

What's the one great hack from your journey of becoming an author that you can share with other authors?

I think it has to be, always have something with you where you can note down ideas when they come to you. When out and about, I have added one-liners on my phone; I will wake up with something to add to a current book, I will note this down on a nearby notebook. Another is to watch what is going on around you and listen to what others tell you. Anything like that can inspire. It certainly works for me.

Identified Authors Paradize

Who are the 5 people you would like to acknowledge & thank that mattered most on your journey to becoming an author?

Too many deserve to be added on here. It would have to include my Dad Roy; he reads all of my work before publication and proofreads them for me. My family has been a great support for helping advertise my work and supported me all the way. Everybody who leaves reads and leaves feedback on my work. My daughter Rachel for the video advertising of my work. Susanne Knight, Ann Hewitt, and Steve Gordon. All have shown some fantastic support.

Your personal favorite inspiring quote of your own?

At the end of every book or newsletter on my website - I always end this with - Good luck, good health, and good fortune. Also, when speaking to other authors, and there is the slightest doubt about anything, I always advise them to keep doing what you enjoy in life.

An advice for all other aspiring writers
I think this has to be - never give up on something that you love and enjoy. You will get positive and negative reviews. As long as the work looks right for you, that is what matters. Many people have different views on everything out there, and you will never put a smile on everybody's face. You hear mixed reviews, but I think it is all about the wording.
There is nothing like a bad book, a weak story, and one advised not to read. It does not make the book poor at all; the book is not to the required taste of that reader. It is not an easy thing to put a novel together, keep with the positives, follow the praise, and the encouraging comments. These people are here to see you succeed and will join you on what is hoped to be a fantastic journey to wherever you want it to be. Most of all - never give up what you enjoy.

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