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Ravensrise: A Book By Claire Casey

Authors Paradize Ravensrise

What inspired you to write this book?

It started out as a challenge between me and my best friend. She was writing for me, and I was writing for her. Ravensrise came out of that.
The earliest incidents you recall from your life where you first felt you had a writer in you?

I was in Primary 3, so I was about 7 or 8 years old. The headteacher in my school had started a poetry club, which I automatically joined. I just really enjoyed writing poetry.
Who do you think are the ideal readers for this book?

Anyone who loves fantasy novels that are filled with action, magic, and romance.
What changed in your life most noticeably after you became an author?

It made me want to escape from my cycle of terrible jobs even more.
What kind of schedules you had while doing this book? How many hours did it all take?

It does very much depend on what things are going on with the day job (which I am trying to escape), as well as how much filming I've been doing for my YouTube channels (Claire Casey Writer and A Scottish Odyssey).
What's the one great hack from your journey of becoming an author that you can share with other authors?

Use the Read Aloud feature on your word processor. It helps to weed out sentences and paragraphs that just don't read correctly. It also helps to weed out words that we all tend to overuse. It certainly helps with editing, what you have written.

Authors Paradize Ravensrise Who are the 5 people you would like to acknowledge & thank that mattered most on your journey to becoming an author?

I would love to thank my best friend - Jill Kirkwood. She is the one who inspired Ravensrise.
I would love to thank George RR Martin, for inspiring me not to be scared about killing off a character, if and when if services the plot.
To my mum and dad, who encouraged me to read, and fostered a love for reading, despite the fact that I'm dyslexic.
To all of the lovely people who leave lovely reviews for my books on Amazon.
Your personal favorite inspiring quote of your own?"
This above all: to thine own self be true." William Shakespeare
An advice for all other aspiring writers
Keep writing. Keep learning. Look into all of your options, and be your own hype.

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