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Seeking Love: A Sweet & Sensual Small Town Romance [Misty Springs Book 1] by Devika Fernando

Seeking Love By Devika Fernando

What inspired you to write this book?

I've lived in quite a few small towns and wanted to write a romance series set in a fictional small town in America.

The earliest incidents you recall from your life where you first felt you had a writer in you?

I've always loved books and writing came as naturally to me as reading. I wrote my first (very) short story when I was seven years old, poems too.

Seeking Love By Devika Fernando

Who do you think are the ideal readers for this book?

Anyone who'd like to forget reality for a while and indulge in a sweet and sensual romance novel with emotions that feel real.

What changed in your life most noticeably after you became an author?

Previously, I wasn't very active on social media so I had to step up my game to promote my books. Now, being on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms isn't just about promotion but also about friendships in the writing and reading community.

What kind of schedules you had while doing this book? How many hours did it all take?

My job (being a content writer for German clients) comes first, so I fit fiction writing in whenever I have the time. I prefer to write a complete scene or chapter in one go, though I don't necessarily write a book in chronological order. As this is a novella, it didn't take more than altogether a month to write.

What's the one great hack from your journey of becoming an author that you can share with other authors?

Sounds simple but isn't: Actually WRITE and be disciplined about it.

Seeking Love By Devika Fernando

Who are the 5 people you would like to acknowledge & thank that mattered most on your journey to becoming an author?

Wow, this is tough because there are so many who've shared this writing journey with me and I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. So without naming anyone, I'd like to thank every single person who ever believed in me, showed an interest in my books, helped me promote, joined in writing sprints, or gave me advice. THANK YOU! Never underestimate your influence!

Your personal favorite inspiring quote of your own?

There are a million facets to your personality. Try to discover and love them all.

An advice for all other aspiring writers
Read as much as you can - and write as much as you can.

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