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Work From Home During Coronavirus & Pandemic? 

As more employees are forced to work from home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a positive team culture becomes even more important than ever before. Here's what can be done. Read ON!
How to create a positive team culture during and after Coronavirus

Many employers wonder how their company culture will change now, as employees all work from home: will they collaborate and stay focused? Will they get any work done at all, will they communicate as closely as they did at the office?

How to create a positive team culture during and after Coronavirus

  • Work from home days for everybody
Working from home can pave the way to a more relaxed environment – and also better results. People often feel stressed out - both mentally and physically, so many of them found that working from home is a great way of balancing work and life, by creating their ideal environment.

When working from home is the only solution to keep up during the economic downturn, a positive mindset and trusting your employees could be a good start to develop new ways of creating a positive team culture not only during the Coronavirus crisis, but also after that.

  • Develop a better “face to face” communication
In the office, it’s easier to talk to each other, be close, answer questions or provide details, but, many times, that also keeps us away from each other – as we often communicate more through devices. Working from a distance, in order to keep tasks at their best, requires a better communication, efficiency and transparency.
Well, this could be an extremely healthy habit once we return to the office, creating a more positive, close and friendly team culture. Latest developments in technology including those of new VoIP technology make it easier to connect, communicate and deliver results on tasks efficiently. So, it's a phase to be hopeful about.

TIME magazine believes that the Coronavirus may be the biggest ‘work from home experiment’ that the world has ever seen. And a great way to show employers that work from home is actually healthy for everybody, including the results.

  • Build trust with your employees
Trust is is the main ingredient in success, both in work from home jobs or office jobs. Researches conducted with over 10,000 employees, showed that employees voted trust as the most important leadership quality. While some leaders are questioning if they can trust their employees working from home, those that have confidence in their workers benefit from increased engagement and productivity. Great relationships are build with trust.

  • Meet the human behind the employee
Have you ever thought that your colleagues can hide amazing life stories or unexpected talents? We are all more than just employees. Therefore, not only during the Coronavirus crisis, but also after it passes, at least one meeting per month, where the employees know each other better and discover themselves beyond the professional side, would be extremely helpful in creating a positive team culture. Many close friendships and future collaborations are born this way. And this can also mean a more welded team.

  • Team building culture
Let's face it: employees of most companies run away from teambuilding. And that's because, for most of them, it's still just a formality.

But what if we transformed the team building into the most wished-for corporate event, in which people are really having fun, learning exciting things and feeling free? Not only during the crisis, when people work from home and need short web meetings – to see each other every now and then, but also after the crisis passes, in order to create a positive team culture, informal (funny) team buildings are a great idea. Productivity is closely linked to the way employees feel in the professional environment and how they feel about each other.

But,the biggest work from home experiment, due to Coronavirus, has it positive parts too. Every experiment provides learning and prepares the way for future practice. Although working from home is now a necessity, this may just bring some unexpected benefits and open up new perspectives and opportunities.

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