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How to Achieve What You Need at Work

How to Achieve What You Need at Work Starting a new job can be daunting. Knowing how to act to get what you want can be tough to navigate but, as work takes up the majority of our time, it is important we get it right for us to have the best chance at succeeding.

How to be prepared – Preparation is key in most aspects of our lives but especially when it comes to work. When making a good impression, it is important to be one step ahead to give you the best chance of success. This can be anything from getting your bag packed the night before to making sure you’ve got your ticket for your train to London. Preparedness can avoid stressful situations occurring and that is so important.

How to dress for the job you want – Dressing for a new job is dependant on your place of work and their dress code. However, the most important element of dressing for a new job is to feel good in the clothes you’re in because, if you don’t, it will show. You want to walk into your new workplace feeling the best version of yourself and show people you mean business. There is a lot of conversation around what people should wear in the workplace but the truth of the matter is that if you feel good, show your personality, and exude confidence – you will make an impression. How to Achieve What You Need at Work How to ask for a pay rise – So, you have been in your job a while now and feel you are overworked, overqualified, and underpaid for the role you are in – but how do you ask for a pay rise? The first step is to be prepared. You need to be ready for this conversation with examples of exemplary work, performance data, and your own value to the company – if you don’t sell your worth, no one will do it for you. Also, consider the timing of your request. Natural times to ask for a pay rise tend to be at your annual review, or after you have completed a commendable piece of work – this will help your request be taken seriously.
How to make your mark on the business world – The most simple and honest piece of advice here is to be yourself. Yes, the recruiter hired you because you have the expertise for the job, but they also hired you because of the person you are. Your personality is your biggest selling point, so use it and you will succeed.

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