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My Healthy Programming Addiction

Healthy Programming Addiction Just like most computer addicts from my generation, my obsession with IT started with video games. While my classmates enjoyed spending time outside, watching movies, and partying, none of these experiences could match my excitement for computers and gaming. However, my excitement for the digital world had a slowly growing problem that needed to be addressed.

I was living in a bubble. While everything else in my while was moving in a relatively uneventful manner, my video game addiction kept growing. While I started seeing the great potential benefits my growing technical proficiency could bring to the table, an obsession with only the fun part of computers made me indifferent for the future.

As a video game addict, I developed a habit of looking for a quick fix after every inconvenient moment of my life. A lack of discipline and the accessibility of dopamine made hard work and concentration difficult and unpleasant experiences. Thankfully, that is when the reality hit me.

With no sense of direction, I've spent my summer working in a factory that helped me set my priorities straight. My lazy and addictive nature is a double-edged sword that can become advantageous if I put my mind to it. It was time to become addicted to something useful.

Although I possessed very minimal programming skills at the time, I decided that a fun approach to lay the groundwork for my craft should motivate me to press on. From the creation of various mods for my favorite games, I've moved on to developing cheap software and eventually got more involved in the world of web scraping.
I've started using proxy servers from a legitimate proxy provider to accomplish my scraping tasks and even started creating scrapers of my own. While there are many alternatives that may suit your needs, Smartproxy is the proxy provider I'd recommend for most beginners today. Now, let's discuss my trajectory from an overwhelming obsession with video games to a healthy programming addiction.

When in doubt, use money as motivation

While some may say that the focus on money may leave you with an unfulfilling job for the rest of your life, the reality won't always be black and white. Even if potential sources of income may not look very appealing, at least you will bring money to the table. Even if money cannot buy you happiness, you sure won't experience any of it without a source of income.

Also, the young adults that possess no work ethic like yours truly can take self-discovery one step at a time and use money as motivation. The necessity of an income will force you to spend extra time on your craft instead of giving up without ever trying.

This approach has helped me shift my addictive behavior onto something useful and bigger than myself. Although it might be silly to call this a spiritual experience, using money as motivation has helped me spend enough hours on coding to find that beautiful breakthrough. Now I can write my own scrapers and utilize a proxy provider without researching and getting bored in a few minutes.

A programming addiction is a healthy addiction

Healthy Programming Addiction While you can certainly take an approach to code that is fun and exciting, the real joy comes from getting paid for your effort. Shifting my addiction to programming allows me to make a living and spice up my technical proficiency with personal projects when the motivation starts to dwindle.

Even if my field of expertise is web scraping with a respectable proxy provider, I can use my knowledge to learn more about IoT and implement data extraction to automate certain tasks. Once the embers of addiction start to heat up, fueling the fire with exciting tasks will help you endure burnouts that put your livelihood at stake.

My programming addiction lets me feel the value in every line of code. When I'm working, thinking in money terms also helps me squeeze out extra motivation and stay disciplined even if I hit a brick wall.

Sustaining yourself through college

My healthy programming addiction has done wonders for my work ethic. With a constant struggle of studying due to boredom and no sense of direction, taking care of your income should theoretically make things more difficult, right? However, the reality is much more surprising.

In the past, all I could think about while studying were video games. Now, because my love for coding has not only fun but also money and sense of purpose as my motivators, my work allows me to relax from my studies, while my pursuit for education lets me appreciate my work. Today, working with a proxy provider to boost my scraping tasks has put me through college. Making coding fun and useful has helped me put a leash on my addictive behavior and drive me to success instead. A healthy approach to programming may be different for everyone, so do not focus on practicality. Find a way that keeps the process fun and you will surely hit your personal breakthrough!
Image Credits: Image 2: Jackkdanial, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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