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Sense of Well Being

Sense of well being

The important board meeting is scheduled for the next day. The whole week has been very busy as there were too many field sales visits and it's high selling season. Next week I had to travel to an exhibition. I have not been able to speak to my loved ones back home for over a week. We were just exchanging quick hellos and byes.

There is so much to do, but there is very little time. The meeting needs heavy preparation of data, slides, and charts. The bottom line is not healthy due to heavy market spending. I feel worn out and stressed.

Wish I could sleep for some time in peace. But I bury myself into my tiny laptop with neck pains and aching low back. But can’t afford to stop. I have to push on to complete every bit of the presentation or I could be fired. My older daughter just entered the 10th grade. I can’t afford to be jobless now.

Sitting all night till 3 am I finish saving the last slide. Oh, I forgot the title and footnotes. The company logo needs to be pasted. Working a bit more till 4 am, I was knocked out like the knocked out boxer in the ring.

In this scenario, I pushed myself to my fullest potential and achieved what I want. But I did not feel the sense of well-being and harmony, I was just working against time and other constraints.

As I rose to sit on the bed feeling weary I closed and took a deep breath. As the morning fresh air went into my lungs I felt relaxed and did not want to get up.

I thought I should start meditating to relax my mind and body. But the aches were not allowing me to sit and concentrate.

I felt the need to go for a walk. I changed into comfortable shorts and put on my jogging shoes. Consumed a glass of cool water and went down the stairs. Once out of the building I started the casual and aimless walk.

The sun was just showing up, winter breeze was revitalizing. I straightened up my back and gracefully walked along the side of the quiet street that is lined with large villas and beautiful flowers outside the gates that were well-trimmed looked like a new bride beaming with happiness. As I got closer to these exquisite looking flowers I could feel the scent and it was mesmerizing. The chirping of birds on the little trees brought harmony to my thoughts. I felt aligned with the universe,

We all have 7 chakras in our body that regulates the energy flow and we have 5 sensory organs through which we feel, see, taste, smell, and touch. I felt all these were getting aligned in my body and felt oneness with nature. I did not want to stop. I walked up to the sea and the sea was calm with tiny waves and the sound of water dashing on the rocks. For 45 minutes I forgot all the stress and felt like I am experiencing full energy in me.

By 8 am I took a nice shower and felt re-energized for the long day.

This experience gave me some understanding about life energy, not spiritual realization. There are several moments in our life where we can align ourselves with the universe and live our full potential.

It is not required to strain our muscles and spine sitting in an unmoving posture to align the energy centers. There are several moments in our life when we feel all the chakras and sensory organs getting activated.

When I listen to soft melodious instrumental music, all my senses come alive. When I help someone in real need, I see the tears of joy and gratitude in their eyes. When I appreciate and thank someone for the simplest of the task completed, I can feel the energy flowing in me. When I say sorry to someone and someone tells me sorry from their heart and give a hug, the energies align to give me a sense of well- being. When I look at the clear blue sky and hear a thunder roll at a distance I can feel universal energy flowing through me.

After I understood this truth, I became aware of the need to bring in more joyous and gratitude filled moments.

My barber once announced with excitement that I no longer have the button-like open patch on my back scalp anymore and hair is fully-grown in that area. My well being and harmony helped in the regeneration of fresh cells in that area.

Simplest and uncomplicated joy can increase your well being and motivate you to achieve high energy levels and high concentration.

Yoga brings a sense of well-being. But It becomes very difficult to control our thoughts and focus on something and be seated in one position for a long time with concentration and easy breathing. But the same can be achieved by feeling the sense of well-being and harmony through things that give us joy.

There are several harmonious moments every day that we can feel a sense of well-being. Increase these experiences and you will live your fullest potential.

Most people bury themselves into their smartphones or keep their undivided attention on the TV program when they are eating. The emotional state could be that of violence or insecurity depending on what their mind is relating to. Here conflict comes in and brings out disorder in the body by blocking the energy centers.

To let immense energy flow happen the food needs to be consumed with full awareness of the aroma, taste, feel, etc. And this brings harmony in thoughts accelerating the positive energies in the body.

Get rid of hate, jealousy, complaints, and several such negative emotions

Get laughter, tears of joy, lots of love, gratitude, and appreciation in your life that will naturally make the energy flow through all the vital points in our body through proper sleep, proper digestion, positive thoughts, and harmony in the heart.

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