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Generate Real Traffic To Your Website By Marketing On Instagram

Generate Real Traffic To Your Website By Marketing On Instagram Website traffic is the main indicator of success that all webmasters strive to increase. More importantly, real traffic (also known as organic traffic) is far superior to any bot-generated traffic. Of course, generating organic traffic is not as easy as most webmasters would like. Using social media platforms like Instagram to market your website is an excellent strategy that many webmasters and corporate businesses employ.

Creating An Instagram Account For Your Website

Obviously, the first step is to create an account for your website, which should be simple enough. You can also buy Instagram followers at first, to ensure you are getting off to a great start. Many users wonder how to view private Instagram profiles to know how they impleting techniques on the Instagram profile. The first thing is to make sure that your profile photo and Instagram handle are consistent with your website logo and domain name - this will make it much easier for people to find your website through your Instagram.

Learn The Proper Use Of Hashtags To Attract The Right Audience

There is no point in generating traffic towards your website if none of the visitors will be interested in the content you are providing. Just as you would do with any marketing strategy, it’s best to target a specific segment of the market that you believe will benefit from your website. This ensures that you can achieve your website’s goals, whether it is to sell a product, or even if it is a non-profit goal such as raising awareness about a certain issue.

When using Instagram, users make use of hashtags in much the same way that keywords are used. So if you want to reach a target audience then you must research the hashtags that they are using to search for websites like yours and add those specific hashtags to your posts.

For example, if you are running a tourism services company and your main clients are from a specific region, it doesn’t hurt to add the names of those countries that are in your target region within your hashtags. Of course, also add the names of landmarks that you frequently take your tourists to see.

Visually Appealing Content Gets More Engagement

Generate Real Traffic To Your Website By Marketing On Instagram Anyone scrolling through Instagram will probably notice that most of the highly popular posts contain eye-catching elements. Try to make sure that all your content is aesthetically pleasing in order to grab the attention of users and avoid them scrolling past your posts. You have less than 2 seconds before the average user will skip your post and move on to the next - so do your best to get creative. If you are successful in grabbing a user’s attention, they are likely to click on any links you add to your profile, or even to search for your website through Google - which is the ultimate goal of your active presence on Instagram.

Post More Informational Content, Less Promotional Content

A good rule to follow is that your promotional content should only cover a third of your page. This will ensure that the content you are posting on your Instagram page is interesting enough for the average user. If you are only posting promotional content, then you will likely find that most users will dismiss your posts and they might even unfollow you because they will consider your page as a source of advertisements only. The internet (and the offline world) is saturated with enough ads that most people are desensitized to promotional content - they will skip through it without hesitation. Instagram is an important marketing tool that can drive substantial traffic to your website. It is relatively easy to set up and gives you access to an audience of millions upon millions of users worldwide.

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