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AiSolve launches i3 Simulations

AiSolve launches i3 Simulations LUTON, 7th JULY 2021 –

Towards the end of 2020, i3 Simulations spun out from parent company AiSolve as a separate entity focused on the healthcare sector. To launch in the market, i3 Simulations has released a brand film titled “When the seconds count”.
The film highlights the dire need for healthcare professionals to act on instinct at the time of an emergency, the instinct that comes from hands-on experience of such situations, that can be developed in a virtual training environment.
i3 Simulations is a data bank that captures the knowledge and knack of medical experts through artificial intelligence and machine learning, making this knowledge accessible for the next generation of learners. Junior doctors and residents can learn how to cope with the stresses and complexities of real-world emergencies in a safe, virtual environment. The film shows how healthcare professionals can train in these safe environments so when there is a need for their response in the real world, they are ready.

i3 Simulations is proud to launch into the XR training space with a library of about 10 healthcare training simulations ranging from complex emergency and trauma VR modules to treat adult cardiac arrest, hypotensive shock, pediatric anaphylaxis, pediatric SVT, pediatric seizures, and adult seizures to simple AR simulations of human anatomy.
To promote this, the brand film would be supported by a social media campaign that taps into the crucial minutes in an emergency situation within which a medical response is required to prevent a threat to a patient’s life. The campaign will raise this important question in the minds of healthcare professionals - When the seconds count, do you have what it takes?

AiSolve launches i3 Simulations i3 Simulations is best known for its proprietary training simulation, Resuscitation VR. After the successful deployment by parent group AiSolve in collaboration with Oculus/Facebook of the training at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in 2018, the training module was made mandatory for all medical staff at the hospital. It has triggered the interest of over 60 medical institutions across the world that trialed the training module.
The simulation was then deployed at 20 of these hospitals. In 2020, we partnered with Singapore Health Services [SingHealth] to take healthcare training to a whole new level. This ground-breaking new development in the immersive training space for i3 Simulations is set to go live in the summer of 2021.

About i3 Simulations
It specializes in AI and ML-based data collection capturing medical expert’s knowledge including first-hand accounts of their actions. We have used the data collected to create XR-powered immersive training simulations to empower healthcare professionals to be prepared to take on challenges of the real world. AiSolve, a UK-based organic technology incubator is the parent company of i3 Simulations.
It is a software and technology developer and creative production house specializing in designing and developing intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. AiSolve harnesses emerging technologies and combines them with powerful proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive, and intelligent out-of-home attractions amongst other AR and VR products.

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