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Key Tools to Invest in When Renovating Your Home

Are you planning a major property renovation? Having spent more time at home than we expected to in the past year or so, many people have passed the time with DIY. A recent survey found that 68% of UK respondents were inspired to start a home renovation project during the pandemic.

But while it might be tempting to crack on, there are certain tools that are worth researching and investing in to make your life easier. Having the right equipment for the job will save time and could make for better results too.

Here are seven key tools to buy or borrow for DIY home renovations. [You can also visit Muldale for more tips and ideas to learn more about home DIY renovations.]

Home Renovation Tools

Cordless drill

Whether doing up a kitchen, bathroom or your entire house, a cordless drill is bound to come in handy at some point. There are many types out there, but a lithium-ion option will offer better battery life than a nick-cadmium drill.


There are a wide range of pliers out there with fancy names, but a needle nose plier is a great starter option. This type is perfect for holding wires and other fiddly objects in tight spaces.

Laser level

It’s almost impossible to judge when things like shelves and frames are hung level, especially when you’re stood up close. This is where a green laser level will come in handy – and it’s a tool you’ll likely use again and again in the future.


You may want to invest in a couple of saws for different tasks. Handsaws are ideal for quick, small jobs, while at the other end of the scale a circular or table saw will help you chop wood precisely again and again.

Home Renovation Tools

Measuring tape

A basic but essential tool for guaranteeing accuracy, your measuring tape should be sturdy enough to withstand frequent bumps and drops. Ideally your tape of choice will have a switch to lock it at a specified length too.

Oscillating tool

An oscillating tool could easily become one of the tools you reach for most often due to how versatile they are. With various attachments you could be cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding and sawing, and all in tight quarters too.

Do you fancy a spot of demolition? A sledgehammer is essential for tasks like knocking down superfluous walls. Just make sure to choose a hammer you can lift and swing relatively easily to avoid any unnecessary strain.
Start your shopping list with these seven tools and get to work!

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