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Top AWS Training Courses For IT Security Professionals

The global cloud industry is currently booming, with numerous enterprises from every sector adapting cloud infrastructure as a part of their operations. By 2025, the cloud industry spending is likely to cross USD 623 million. However, as cloud operations rise, so do security risks. Cybercrimes have become rampant, and this has made it necessary for organizations to hire cloud security experts. Professionals who are trying to build a career in cloud security would find certain AWS training courses helpful.

Top AWS Training Courses For IT Security Professionals

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the global market leader in cloud services. AWS was the first company that offered cloud computing infrastructure back in 2008. As a result, AWS currently holds a significantly large market share. The popularity of AWS is primarily due to the robust solutions it offers. AWS is comprehensive and meets the requirements of enterprises of any scale.

Moreover, AWS comes with reliable security tools and protocols. When security is a significant concern for every industry using a cloud infrastructure, AWS has naturally become a preferred choice. This has also opened up employment opportunities for cloud security professionals who are adept at using AWS. The AWS training and certification courses can therefore offer major boosts for one’s career.

What are the best training courses for AWS security professionals?

AWS has come up with a large number of certifications, including those for security professionals. One of the key features of the AWS certifications is that each of them validates a candidate’s eligibility for specific job roles. If you are trying to build a career as an AWS security expert, here are some of the courses that you may opt for and obtain the respective certificates.

1. AWS Security Essentials

This is one of the entry-level courses in AWS. The AWS Security Essentials course introduces the candidates to various fundamental concepts in AWS cloud security. The business-level IT professionals who find interest in security practices or the security professionals without much experience in AWS would find this course helpful. The concepts that this course covers include:

Principles of security design

Governance and compliance

AWS Global Infrastructure

Essentials of data protection

Datacenter security and more

If you are a beginner in AWS cloud security, opting for this course would be an excellent way to start.

2. Security Engineering on AWS

The Security Engineering on AWS course covers several major security concepts in AWS, such as database services, networking, computation, and storage. This course is based on security practices for protecting systems and data, as recommended by AWS. The course is suitable for security engineers, security architects, and other professionals involved in information security and security operations. Upon completion, you would gain the following skills, along with several more:

Building AWS application infrastructures safe from common threats

Performing security assessments

Applying automated security checks

Protecting data while in transit and at rest

Gaining insight into various events

Therefore, this course would train you to make use of the various security tools on AWS and perform major tasks as a security professional.

Top AWS Training Courses For IT Security Professionals

3. AWS Certified Security Specialty

This is a relatively advanced course that you would want to opt for after gaining some experience in AWS security. Experienced cloud security professionals such as AWS cloud architects use this certification as a validation of their skills. It comes with certain prerequisites, such as:

AWS Security Fundamentals

AWS Cloud practitioner

Experience of two years in securing AWS workloads

Knowledge of the cloud computing concepts

Practical knowledge of various infrastructure concepts and IT security practice

The eligibility criteria also require the candidates to possess at least five years of experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring cloud security solutions. Quite evidently, this is a course for experienced professionals trying to rise further in their careers. This course helps to develop the following skills:

Identifying and getting rid of threats

Configuring the authentication for applications and resources on AWS cloud

Using encryption to protect data

Assimilating the shared security responsibility model of AWS

Capturing, processing, and analyzing logs to gain insights

Once you have spent a few years working as a security professional in AWS infrastructure and have obtained the prerequisite certifications, pursuing this course would be a good choice. The AWS certification training for the course would further sharpen your skills as a security professional.

How to choose the right course?
While choosing a course, consider certain factors. For instance, the skills that it would help develop should aid you in the job role you plan to pursue. In other cases, you might also want to choose a course because it is a prerequisite for an AWS associate or any other course. Also, make sure to choose the right institution for the course. Certain institutes like Koenig Solutions are great places to master professional IT skills.

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