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5 Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride The wedding trousseau is one that is built painstakingly over months, with attention to every intricate detail to create a look that the bride can fondly look back on as being one of her most beautiful moments. The pursuit of putting together the perfect wedding look requires patience, an eye for detail, and the ability to remember every aspect of the trousseau from top to bottom.

It is with good reason that getting decked up for one’s own wedding is a process riddled with nerves and anxiety. However, once the final look comes together; nothing quite matches the elated feeling that lingers well after the day has ended.

Therefore, making sure all the details are in place is essential. Some brides make their own choices of accessories apart from the jewelry they shall be wearing on their wedding day.

This can range from hair accessories, wedding watches, and down to footwear. Some brides do not wear a watch, but for those brides who love to sport a beautifully crafted timepiece every now and then investing in wedding watches is imperative. Watches are a symbol of time, and any bride would love to carry a piece of this precious time of her life on her wrist as a memory of one of the happiest days of her life. Therefore, let us look at some of the best options for wedding watches that are perfect for the bride.

Crystal from Raga Moments of Joy

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

This Raga watch is sure to be the perfect addition to your wedding look, as it comes in a universally flattering color palette with a minimal strap design that will not overwhelm the jewelry you wear. The strap is purely ergonomic and functional, made from rose gold mesh to keep it simple. The dial does not have indices and is made of crystal which adds to the understated yet luxurious feel of this piece. The case of this watch is also transparent, which allows the hues of the glossy rose gold to glow brighter.

Celeste from Raga Facets

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

Wedding watches are supposed to be dainty additions to the trousseau, but sometimes one can play around with distinctive designs that end up complementing the ensemble in the best way. This Raga Celeste timepiece offers a possibility for the same, with its asymmetrical design and mismatched Swarovski crystal accents. The piece is a cohesively stunning piece of watchmaking, with the Mother of pearl dial being covered with a glossy case. The piece can be great for lilac wedding trousseaus, ones that are not the traditional crimson but lighter shades that are in vogue for many brides.

Lagan Brown Dial with Metal Strap

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

As far as wedding watches go, the designs are ever-changing and only growing but the classics remain timeless with good reason. This Lagan timepiece is one of the best options for the traditional wedding trousseau in shades of red, as it brings out an earthy aura, a grounded and chic touch of fashion to her stunning ensemble. The golden metallic straps also seamlessly blend into the jewelry worn by the bride, while the brown dial punctuates the gold with a delicate reminder of colors that are meant to grow deeper and richer with time.

Dazzle from Raga Moments of Joy

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

This piece is a stunning piece of watchmaking that is sure to strike the fancy of a bride who gravitates toward unconventional silhouettes and bold hues on her wedding day. The dial, made from Mother of pearl sits delicately over a quartz movement and glossy metal case. The case then leads out to a multi-colored symphony of Swarovski crystals which come alive when the light hits them from different angles making it a statement piece worthy of accompanying you on your wedding day.

Raga Viva in Rose Gold

Wedding Watches Perfect for the Blushing Bride

One of the most iconic and popular designs created by Raga, this is a cornerstone of wedding watches due to its simple brilliance. The monochromatic rose gold watch with the sunray dial gives it an ethereal aura, best for complementing stunning bridal trousseaus. The straps are two-toned however, with lines of silver breaking through the gold for a bright and eye-catching symphony of radiance fit for the blushing bride. Since the designs of wedding watches are specifically designed to complement elaborate wedding trousseaus, one may struggle to find one that truly fits their look for the wedding day.
If you are looking to explore more wedding watches for your special day, trusted brands like Titan curate stunning wedding collections and designs with great reviews that are sure to make you spoilt for choice.

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