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Nantucket Keepsakes | What to Bring Back From Your Vacation

Nantucket Keepsakes Nantucket, Massachusetts, is famous for its impeccably preserved colonial-style buildings, cobblestone streets, and endless beautiful beaches and natural refuges. But it is recognized as a shopping mecca for the rich and famous and for ordinary visitors to the island.

Its Main Street and Downtown feature some of the most exclusive fashion boutiques. The island also has some unique art galleries, jewelry shops, antique shops, and other places where you can buy souvenirs and memorabilia from your trip.

While there are high-end hotels on this New England island, visitors can also rent one of the beautiful authentic local houses. Some of them are located Downtown itself and in all other villages and areas of Nantucket. Renting your own place for your vacation will give you a more homely feeling. It will also cost you less than booking a hotel room, especially if you share your lodgings with family or friends.

Once you have settled in, you can enjoy your stay by exploring this magical island. While you are there, you can buy gifts for your friends and keepsakes for your home from one of the many stores, galleries, and boutiques.

Some of the most popular local souvenirs include the traditionally handcrafted lightship baskets, nautical-themed signs and items, fine linens, handmade jewelry, and of course, the Nantucket Reds pants.

Here are some ideas for the best things to buy and bring back from your unforgettable trip to Nantucket.

Nantucket Looms

Located on 51 Main Street, Nantucket Looms is more than a store. It is a top-ranked local attraction. The second floor is a workshop for local artisans. The weavers use a traditional Macomber loom to create high-quality hand-woven items. Their work includes blankets, throws, carpets, and other items. You can watch these masters work their magic. These one-of-a-kind handcrafted goods are made from the highest-class materials, including Japanese silk, merino wool, mohair, and Scottish cashmere.

The master weavers have created décor items for the showrooms of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and various museums. They have decorated the homes of Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, and even the icons Princess Grace and Jackie O.

Nantucket Keepsakes Murray’s Toggery Shop

Nothing speaks more that you have been to Nantucket than wearing a pair of the famous Nantucket Red pants. They have been made and sold at Murray’s Toggery Shop since the early 1960s. In fact, since the brand is trademarked, this particular store on Main Street is the only place in the world where you can buy a pair of these pants or other apparel from the collection.

The apparel is made of faded red canvas mimicking the sails of ships from France and Brittany. Its faded effect makes the clothes look rose and pink colored.

The store itself is historical, as it is recognized as the first store owned by the retail legend R.H.Macy who later opened Macy’s Department Store in NYC.

Today, the store is a beloved location visited by locals and vacationers alike. If you go there, you will get the chance to meet at least one member of the Murray family that still runs the business.

Paul McCarthy Wood Carving

If you, like most visitors of this historic island, have fallen in love with the charming wood signs which adorn almost all buildings and houses there, or want to bring back some of those nautical-themed decorations which can be seen in many of the eateries, homes, and galleries, then the Nantucket Carving & Folk Gallery is the place to go.

Located on 167 Orange Street, the gallery includes handcrafted wood carvings by Paul McCarthy and his partner Jean Petty.

You can visit the studio workshop to admire the artist’s work. You can also buy amazing vintage signs, whale carvings, shorebird carvings, paintings, and other artwork. They will allow you to bring a piece of the unique Nantucket style to your home once you leave this magical island.

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