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The call of the new civilisation and How WE need to Respond

The call of the new civilisation and how we need to respond The word Philosophy forms the very foundation of any Business or of Life itself. This word sets the Direction and creates the path. The long reaching consequences on this path is to achieve Customer Delight or an Experience that leaves an impact especially in today’s Digital Economy. The leader has to develop his/her Philosophy and then communicate the same among his/her workforce, team, community and society at large. Navigating the choppy waters of the ocean of life becomes much easier and comfortable.

Now there are 3 different Philosophies at work:

1.The Bhartiya (Indian) Philosophy:

Having constructed a civilization over 6000 years we have developed an inherent nature that is the reflection of the philosophy we subconsciously follow. This philosophy dwells in being in harmony with nature, the divinity of plan, the process of being excellent and the concept of a universal family.

2.The Confucius Philosophy:

This philosophy emerged in the far east lands and has been embedded in their work and lifestyle ethos. Here we see honor and respect for human relationship playing the underlying role and gets reflected in attitude.

3. The Western Philosophy:
The call of the new civilisation and how we need to respond
This is a relatively young, vibrant and evolving. It emerged with the onslaught of the industrial revolution and started defining the trade, business and commerce worldwide and is based on logic, measurement and discipline. Hope we see the formation of the global village driven by trade and commerce taking into consideration environmental issues and the proper distribution of wealth

So, friends whether in business, battle or life, one is at war and we are out to achieve solitude and purpose.

The observation is that the philosophy becomes the bedrock of any endeavor and the results are seen through the process which gets completed at the far end. So, it goes without saying that any business idea needs to have its roots deeply embedded in philosophy. It gives birth to your value system which gets reflects in your product, services and your attitude towards your customer and in building relationships. It starts driving your social instinct and you start forming your identity which becomes part of brand building.
Establishing a brand then becomes a step towards evolution and market dynamics. You have the advantage today changing and morphing your business model provided you become a good listener and truly believe in the feedback system. Only if you are sensitive will you able to listen and change in these very fast and turbulent market place.

What remains steady is your philosophy which shows the light in your business and life’s journey and gives you the level of satisfaction achieved only after completing a task effectively. The call of the new civilisation and how we need to respond The essence out here is to develop the philosophy of winning. All thoughts are laced with intelligence, but a few thoughts are laced with intelligence plus emotions plus feelings and get embedded in the subconscious mind which then get transmitted and converted into action. So, the important point is what are we feeding our subconscious mind?? Once we understand this phenomenon, we can become the true master of our Self. A winning conscious mind removes personal limitation and negative thought process and you develop success patterns.

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