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Serving The Society Since The Age Of 13: G Shivkumar's Insightful Journey Building his NGO

If each of us here on earth is leading a comfortable life then don't you think the people in it are the sole reason? But how much and what have we done back to our society? Read the story of this eloquent young persona, who may be a teen in terms of age but magnificent in terms of deeds and ideologies. Standing as the definition of 'growing together', the nation's young pride bombarded a storm of inspiration by raising others' lives. Here is a gist of it.
Fortune favors the determined! Yes, this statement is very true in the courageous journey of the 18 year old. Born in Kalwakurthy, a village of Telangana, G Shivakumar , a student of second year diploma in agriculture lost his parents and his elder brother and stood out strong to mold his future as a sixth grader. He is nurtured by his sister and brother-in-law and is blessed with the similar quality of life which we would live with his parents. Not knowing anything about what life means, what reality is and the direction he was supposed to traverse in, he joined RSS- a strong tool which gave birth to his identity as a young achiever, inspirer and society server. The life of his which had no aim, no direction of the path he had to take and no clear picture about what was his purpose of life, got a chance to acquire the glimpse of an answer to all the question marks running in his mind. It was only after he got to listen to many achievers and their way of lives that his ideologies were given a definite shape and was driven to bring in fortune and goodness to rule the society.
G Shivakumar
The story, life experiences and teachings of Swami Vivekananda became a driving force which captivated him to fly high into optimism. He understood that the pleasure and contentment dwells in glorifying a life filled with darkness under pessimism. Swami Vivekananda’s truth-awakening lessons laid a foundation for invoking maturity beyond age constraints in the life of the 8th grader who gave life to Yuva Swami Vivekananda Seva Brundam at Tornala, Telangana. Starting it as a group of 10 like minds, he prodigiously dreams to make it one of India’s greatest organization for defining welfare. Believing in the principle, develop yourself for the society to develop in parallel, he has set 5 change driving objectives for his organization to accomplish namely, society empowerment programs, inspirational sessions about and by achievers and leaders, care towards our mother nature, social awareness programs, revealing the talents in students to head towards a better world. “I mainly chose to study agriculture, backbone of the society because the nation’s prosperity lies in the hands of a farmer and though agriculture is one of the most traditional science our country deals with, it hasn’t witnessed modern drastic developments like other domains. After all, we are alive because of a framer so isn’t it our responsibility to inculcate improvements and serve this domain?” says he, envisioning to become an agricultural scientist.  

Realization happens to every one of us; identifying it and taking it forward is all what costs a change to get established. “In my case, I got serious about life when my parents left me physically. As gratitude is the right attitude, I focused on bringing a sense of happiness and satisfaction in the hearts of my sister and brother-in-law for taking care of me, through my achievements and actions” conveys the budding accomplisher. RSS and the preaching of swami Vivekananda introduced this wave of realization within him, giving him the power to spread his wings of thoughts and ideas to nurture the reality and transform it into the way all of us dream of- something better. “Building the future predominantly depends on building yourself as an efficient individual. Studies and service are the two kinds of cells which constitute my survival. Studies help me raise myself whereas my service helps the people to live their dreams” states the champion. It is this perception of his that helps him balance both the kinds of cells.  
G Shivakumar
The young exemplar definitely is, as he has widened his panorama of skills in various forms of art. He is a creative artist who sketches great leaders not just on canvas but also on leaves and other naturally available elements to beautify it better for leaving a deeper impact on the art lovers. Proving the statement-every deed must correspond to the empowerment of the society, he authored a book which is a compilation of positively provoking poetry. The stories and teachings of power leaders are the pills of inspiration and a push for this inspirational speaker. 

The five years of establishment of the organization, which has gained 500 plus media features, is purely independent even when it comes to funds. The wallets of all the ten members sponsor all the financial aid required to carry out every initiative and project. “We have our own money bag in which we deposit some amount whenever we have our pockets filled” says the dreamer. The attitude of being unique and thinking different, continuous recognitions for all the good work he undertakes and constant craving for illuminating the lives of the less fortunate has kept him going without a look back. Let your charm be retained in this universe by the spreading smiles. The essence of helping one another can be well understood only when experienced by the helping hand you offer to the society. Where can darkness really exist if your deeds become a glowing torch which gleams the world? Make it your goal to sow a seed of service for the people to reap a fruit of fortune. Remember, your life gets a meaning only when it becomes a reason for another person’s smile. A very small and a simple action will do to express a token of gratitude for all that we receive from the society” are the guiding words to every reader reading it. Shiva, the strong believer of youth power is certainly a beacon of inspiration to all the youngsters out there!

We wish him the very best and wish that he shall continue to cast a wave of goodness to make this world a better place.

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