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10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition (ICOPCE)

Join the 10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition on April 25-28, 2017 - Singapore
Protection of the marine environment is one of the top priorities for both governments and corporations. Recent trends in the reduced numbers and impact of marine pollution incidents have shown the significance of improving contingency and response planning. To achieve this, we need to ensure that we continuously maintain a well-trained workforce in preparedness and response strategies, while leveraging on technological advancement as a force multiplier.
10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition
The International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition (ICOPCE) 2017 will be addressing emerging trends, and look at the importance of regional collaboration initiatives with key stakeholders of the industry. In addition, ICOPCE will also take a fresh perspective at innovations in HSE management, and use case studies to focus on advancement in technologies for anti-pollution control and dispersants.

Organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and held in conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week 2017, ICOPCE is set to bring together national oil companies, major shipping companies, terminals and port authorities, regional governments and specialist spill response companies for a common purpose in marine environment protection.

Key Highlights for 2017:

- Global Case Studies - Learnings, best practice and risk containment
- Industry Dialogue Sessions - Continuous improvement strategies
- Advances in Technology - Detection monitoring and response technologies
- Incident Response - Crisis management, resourcing and salvage
- Media and Community - Public awareness and reputation management
- Insurance and Claims - Contracts, documentation and procedures

Hear from our expert speakers on the issues that matter most to the industry. Some featured key discussion themes include:

Panel Discussion: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement - How much planning and preparedness is enough?

Panelists include Shell Oil Company, BW Fleet Management, Euronav and ITOPF

Learning from the Maritime Maisie incident

A discussion by Yoshiaki Nishibe (Nippon Salvage) and Choi Se Jin (Ulsan Port Authority)

Mega Ships and Disaster Planning

A discussion by Capt. Gao Guangqiang (COSCO Shipping)

Container Shipping Perspective on Chemical Incident Preparedness

A discussion by Capt. Gojkovic Milutin (CMA CGM)

Collaborating with Technology to Improving the Common Operating Picture for a Spill Response

A panel discussion with Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, Andrew Moore & Associates and Resolve Salvage & Fire (Asia) Pte Ltd

ICOPCE will host over 300 industry professionals including intergovernmental organisations, oil majors, tanker companies, response specialists, salvage and insurance sectors, and technical solution providers. The two-day programme will address key topics such as:

- Keynotes: Evolving Environmentally and Socially Responsible Corporate Polices in a Changing Marine Industry and Underlining Shipping’s Role in Safe Transportation and Global Environment
- The IMO – IPIECA Global Initiative for South East Asia (GISEA)
- Emerging Liabilities – The Changing Nature of Civil and Criminal Liabilities
- Regulatory and Best Practice Evolution in the Aftermath of MV Rena
- Case Study: Learning from the Maritime Maisie incident
- HNS Convention Implementation and Compensation
- LNG Bunkering Safety and Efficiency
- Claims Panel: A Practical Look at How to Manage the Process The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with the 10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

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