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Bunkering Week 2017

Join the Bunkering Week 2017 on 25-28 July, 2017 - Singapore
IBC's biennial Bunkering Week is back with its successful series of 3 co-located events: 8th Annual Bunkering in Asia, 4th Annual LNG Bunkering and EMTECH: Ship Emissions Technology Conference.

With a proven track record of bringing together top decision makers from various industry sectors, this remains the go to event for ship owners, fuel suppliers, traders and technology solution providers. Get in-depth and detailed market insights from experts who are taking the decisions, assess peer strategies and give shape to your own in this unrivalled gathering of shipping and marine fuel industry leaders.
Bunkering Week 2017
Bunkering Week Highlights for 2017:

- 3 Co-Located Conferences, 300+ Participants, 50+ Market-facing sessions
- 12+ Hours of Networking Time
- In-depth Review of Shipping Markets by Segment
- Ship Owner Positions on Emissions Compliance Scenarios
- Pricing Differentials and Availability across Different Fuels
- Technology and Analytics in Fuel Management and Emissions MRV

8th Annual Bunkering in Asia

The 8th biennial Bunkering in Asia is back at possibly the most crucial juncture for industry. Whilst the recent IMO regulation was expected by most, the implications are profound. With a focus on bunkering markets across the globe, we will answer questions on supply, pricing and availability, and how alternative fuels will impact the fuel oil bunker market. Ship owner decisions will be showcased, and refiners’ plans will be unveiled to give industry a clearer perspective on the directions markets are likely to take.

Further, with MFM in place and EBDNs and analytics poised to disrupt the industry, how can the industry be on the front foot?

- Shipping Markets In-depth Review on Containers, Dry Bulk and Tankers
- Ship Owner Positions on Emissions Compliance and Technology Investment
- Global Bunker Ports Response to New Legislation, Regional Prices and Availability
- Mass Flow Meters Implementation Experiences, Disputes and Lessons learnt
- Technology, Informatics and EBDNs Implications for the Marine Fuel sector

4th Annual LNG Bunkering

The market potential for LNG Bunkering was never in doubt, and the global Sulphur cap compliance decision by IMO further underlines the opportunity. As the shipping industry evaluates options, LNG Bunkering projects are already gaining traction across the world. The 4th Annual conference will get perspectives from ship owners, LNG suppliers and Government on strategies to further enable this industry.

- Shipping Markets - In-depth review by segment
- LNG Market outlook - Demand, Pricing and Availability
- Singapore Update on LNG fuel and likely areas of uptake
- LNG Fuelled Vessel order book projections by region and vessel type
- Global Projects on LNG Bunkering and implications for the marine fuel sector
- Technology, Operations and Safety standards, benchmarks and emerging trends

EMTECH: Ship Emissions Technology Conference

Emissions compliance for shipping is no longer optional. With a plethora of legislation on the Sulphur cap, NOx and CO2, owners are evaluating compliance effectiveness, operational ease and commercial benefits of various technologies. From SCR to Scrubbers, EGR, Water injection or engine component modification, the EMTECH conference will lay bare the technical advantages, compliance effectiveness and CAPEX / OPEX considerations.

- Ship Owner Investment Considerations for various technologies
- Scrubber Systems - Technical, Commercial and Operational comparison’s
- NOx Reduction Technologies - Case studies, Costs, and Compliance
- Case Studies on technology implementations and effectiveness
- Regulator Enforcement Systems, Timeframes and Penalties. The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with the Bunkering Week 2017 as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

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