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Simple Remedies To Prevent Your Hair Loss

There's nothing that can match a thick head of hair that shines with natural hair. But a lot of people suffer from hair loss! Here are a few things you need to do to prevent your hair loss!
We have seen previously the various causes of hair thinning and hair loss and the different patterns in both males and females. In this write up, we shall see what we could do about hair loss and the various treatment options both surgically and non-surgically. Learn more.
Prevent Hair Loss
Much as a I hate to say this the most common cause of hair loss is AGA which is androgenetic alopecia and sadly there is no permanent cure for this. The good news is we can always maintain the hair that is already present. How we could do that, is what I’ll be writing below. Like I always mention, prevention is the key here, so diagnose early and make sure you pay a visit to your hair expert at the earliest signs of hair loss especially if you have a family history of balding or thinning of hair.

Here are the most common treatment options:

Hair revival System- This is something that your hair expert is going to put you on for the treatment of thinning hair. Basically, your scalp gets infusions of multi nutrients required to revive the hair making the hair stronger from the roots, thus preventing breakage and adding to hair health. Depending on the kind of hair you have and the amount of pattern involved you would be suggested a series of sessions which you have to take to obtain the desired results. The sessions need to be a couple of days or sometimes even weeks apart depending on your scalp health and your doctor will decide what’s best for you.

Stem Cell Therapy- In this therapy, the stem cells are used and these are derived from either plant or animal origin. These days even newer synthetic stem cell derivatives are available.  What this does is it has the capacity to help hair re grow as long as the follicle is alive. Again, like the hair revival therapy, stem cell therapy is also infused into the scalp usually and requires a minimum number of sessions to show the required effects on hair growth.

Most of the times, hair revival therapy and stem cell therapy are combined. Micro-needling- In this procedure the scalp is needled. What does needling mean? Well, needling is nothing but creating channels in the scalp so that there is better circulation and nutrients are penetrated better. Needling is not a procedure to be worried about as the needles are very fine and the doctor would take utmost care not to cause any infection. Generally this is done with an instrument called a Dermaroller. A dermoroller is generally used along with the hair revival or stem cell therapies.

Hair Transplant- In areas that the scalp is shining bald; the only solution to bring back the hair would be hair transplant. I shall write at length about hair transplant in my coming article.

Stay Beautiful! 

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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