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March 24: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

These five great accomplishers who were born this day augmented victory and minted achievements all throughout their lives. How did they turn defeat into triumph? Proceed with reading the lessons portrayed by these achievers.

1. “An early start and a devoted move, is sure to result in an everlasting growth.”

Muthuswami Dikshitar
It is pretty common that not everyone starts early. Not everyone is blessed with a divine opportunity to analyze and introspect answers to the ‘why’ of their birth. It is important to note that, if we are given this life on earth then it is only because there is a responsibility and a purpose to be fulfilled. We are truly trusted by nature for the greatly valued work to be achieved. Hence, concentrating on what we are supposed to be bound to and abiding by the reason for our deeds must majorly be focused. Be it any domain, any region, any situation and any age, the solid and intensifying truth cannot be prevented from getting uncovered.

The musical trinity of Carnatic music, Muthuswami Dikshitar, not leaving a single pebble unturned, concentrated mostly on whatever was on plate realizing the fact that simulating the reason of why we are born by working for achieving the purpose would help us accomplish the essence of contentment. The South Indian poet and composer was well known for relishing the flavor of the inner details of music. The veena specialist owns over 500 famous compositions with his signature, Guruguha.

Obtaining basic formal education from his father, he was in his teens when he toured a pilgrimage to satisfy his hunger of leaning and gaining musical and philosophical knowledge. He pioneered Sanskrit language, Vedas, and other important religious texts to satisfy his never ending thirst for knowledge.

2. “It isn’t about how many long days you survive, it’s all about how you live and make your short journey, a worthy one.”

Maria Malibran
What is the use of being blessed with a long life span when our growth is not increasing? Live like the one whose life would echo the sense of seriousness and stabilize the reality with the luster of your dreams and potentials. What if you live short, don’t you think what matters is what you have done rather than how long you’ve been doing? So never let this world mark you based on time and age. If the main cause of what you want to do in life gets rooted deep into your mind, then you can never be stopped from any obstacle including time constraints. Maria Malibran lived only for 28 years yet carved an intense identity and signature by living her dreams.

The Spanish mezzo-soprano, contralto and soprano singer was the most famous opera singers of the 19th century. Her multifaceted personality- dramatic, vibrant and contemporary was well recognized as a legend during her time. Having a strong voice featuring melody and imparting a sense of relaxation into the mind of every listener, she took the listener deep into the ocean of art. Since the short life span was a reason to destine her with musical journey, she was gifted with a blessed career as a singer which colored her life. 

3. “Remember, you reap what you sow! What you add to the lives of others comes back to yours.”

Matilda Electa Gage
There is suffering, hatred and domination in the world and there is courage and determination in our minds to change this reality as well. How do you think can you make this world a better place? It is simply by caring for one another and sharing the resources, facilities and rights among every one that brings positivity in to this world. You can establish a ray of hope and make this world a paradise to live in by raising a tool of equality. Women or men, no matter who, we are definitely worth of all the rights which we are supposed to get. Matilda Electa Gage fought for such rights which were deprived in the life of many.

The prominent figure in rights and suffrage movement was strongly knocked by the feeling of spreading joy and happiness by fighting for the women's rights. This strong feeling and urge to add the term ‘better’ into the lives of many, she founded National Woman Suffrage Association. The prolific writer spirited the reality by spreading fire of equality, education and importance of holding each other high. Inaugurating the ideas of various initiatives and eminent ideas for raising the personality of persons, she used the power of literature to achieve the most. Her words filled with wisdom and acts filled with courage and determination were the foundation for liberty to take its form in this society.

4. “Dream big and think big in order to live big.”

George Francis Train
How you lived your life and what you earned matters the most for your story to turn inspiring. To be clear, earnings here don’t mean how much money you minted but it is the quantity of quality you added to the life you lead. What makes you a winner? The answer is your mindset, thoughts and decisions. As you grow in terms of age, your control over you mind increases and enables you to dream big. Forget about whether you can achieve it or not, just dream. You will automatically prepare yourself and reach high when you stick onto your dreams. George Francis Train never made dreams his master; he let the other way round to happen which gained him the feeling which said ‘because you dreamt of it, you were channelized to get it.’

Train took the first of three widely publicized tours around the globe. You never know what takes you where. Feeling the same, he respected the opportunity which fetched him learnings and believed that new people, new places and new atmospheres would fetch him newer and better ways to achieve. Achievers are no different than a common man; like others, he too studied in common schools but unlike others strived and set his remarkable identity in the world. Train started by entering the mercantile business and initiated numerous new businesses, building the corporate and financial structures.

5. Refill your pen of mind with the ink of optimism to carve the change you dream of.”

Selim Tarcan
Mahatma Gandhi said 'You must become the change you want to see in this world." New things get introduced, lot of developments and improvements happen in your life and world, but remember all of it will actually happen if your thoughts are dynamically worked on. Mind is the huge space for anything and everything to happen. It has the answers to all your questions but the catch lies in how intellectual are you to catch these answers to progress in life. Selim Tarcan, unlike others, never grieved for what was not there, instead, he accomplished it by using the change cultivator- optimism.

He is well known for his contributions towards establishing the National Olympic Committee of Turkey. He was the reason for his land to see the game of volleyball. Having strong mindset to withstand all the stoppers like financial and other challenges, he, the educator, sports official and politician was not able to continue his education in a high infrastructure and quality institution. Yet, he focused on what interested him; he was the first footballer of Turkey. The instructor of physical education took his dreams and desires seriously and worked hard to realize all of them and hence, he played a leading role in turkey’s era of sports.

Trusting your abilities help you get close towards success. Every fall, every defeat and every negativity will be turned into a positive one, when such guidance featured by these past leaders gets implemented. (Sources:,,,

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