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March 25: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!

One of the well-known quotes by Pastor Rick Warren - "While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others", certainly holds true for all times. The following lessons from some of the great pioneers of our history, from various industries, are sure to help you avoid mistakes in life that you might otherwise make.

1. “Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.”

Christopher Clavius
We are all quite aware of the world and its nature. If you want to achieve something, then it is completely your responsibility to make it happen. The attitude to stand strong to overcome all the challenges portrays the inner deep rooted sense and desire to achieve. Will our life be valued if there is nothing great about it? None of our lives can be made great automatically, it is your dedication and focus that pushes you out of your comfort zone for leading a life of happiness. And that’s exactly when you demonstrate your true potential, which otherwise remains in disguise.

Christopher Clavius uncovered the cause that could lead him towards success by introspecting his self to reveal numerous truths; these truths would certainly help you realize a lot of facts about your life and self. A student from a very normal university proved excellence in mathematics and gradually through experience and SWOT analysis, he decided that he would dedicate his life for astronomy. The various versions and number of textbooks which he wrote served many further studies and helped the world to arrive at many major conclusions in his matters of interest. His serious intentions to learn reflected his personality development and granted him the title, "the Euclid of the sixteenth century." Knowing every detail about what he dealt with, the treasurer of knowledge holds the credit to be the first one to use  the decimal point in the goniometric tables of his astrolabium. .

2. “Visualizing your goals helps you own your desires.”

Frankie Carle
You can be tagged by the word 'different' when you dream different and think different. The thought and imagination help you move forward to realize what you dream of. Every dreamer’s aim is to witness his dream hitting the screens of reality. And this can be achieved only when you attempt to bring out instances which reflect your dream. Thinking and dreaming may not be synonyms but are definitely not antonyms; they are twin-terms. Both equally help you to brisk walk towards the reality you wish to see.

An art can be developed in the same way. Artists are the driving agents to add in vibrancy for it to quiver liveliness. The main objective of reforming your life is to fulfill the purpose of your birth and Frankie Carle understood this fact to use the life he was blessed with in introduce himself to the world. The American pianist and bandleader once upon a time had no financial provision to afford a piano. Yet his zeal was dominating all the unsupportive lines and hence, starting practicing using a dummy keyboard. Nature supports the devoted ones. He managed to find a broken instrument which aided his further musical journey.

He started working in a number of local bands and never hesitated to grab the opportunity of growth. He gained fame among great musicians of his time and gradually worked with numerous mainstream dance bands. The America's Greatest Pianist rose to become the co-leader of the band.

3. “Leaders are the creators of their lives. Followers let life happen to them.”

Norman Ernest Borlaug
You become a leader if the whole world trusts your idea, believes your ability and follows your footsteps with a ray of hope for something good to happen. Imagine what the term ‘leader’ means and the amount of value it is credited with. A leader has no qualifications; anyone who lights up another life and features a solution for the planet to optimize itself.

Called the Father of the Green Revolution, Norman Ernest Borlaug devised his thoughtful idea to the world to provoke the wave of growth, improvement and development on the floors of agricultural production. He incorporated the mantra of fertility called Green Revolution. His profile was adjoined with a lot of awards and honors like Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

He stood as the reason for a positive incarnation to happen in the field of agriculture and food production. He gave rise to semi-dwarf, high-yield, disease-resistant wheat varieties. He casted food security as the advancement in the process of growing crops progressively cultivated a sense of prosperity. His research, foresightedness and perseverance helped him not just glow his life but gleam the entire mankind’s. For his efforts and innovations, he is remembered even today and valued for his contributions.

4. “Your thoughts define your destination. Think right and you will achieve right.”

Horatio Nelson Jackson
A physician to becoming the first one to drive an automobile! Horatio Nelson Jackson expanded his horizon both professionally and personally. If the effort is filled with sincerity and earnestness, then the outcome will be the best. Casting the dream of adventure and feel of becoming the 'first you' is in itself sure to push you towards the path of success. Ultimately, the bottom line is to earn your desires and fulfill your dreams.

Besides his medical practice, automobiles lured him. The enthusiasm and attitude of following what his heart directed, he stood as a figure of wisdom and procured immense satisfaction. Only when you take up what you like and work on it to give your best, you will experience the feel of contentment.

Having completely no glimpse of driving, he decided to drive an automobile; the sole reason behind this decision is nothing but believing that your thoughts are capable of driving you towards your destiny. Though he had not owned a car, had no practical learning about how to drive it, had no plan and estimation about the circumstances, he held the pride of becoming the first person to drive an automobile across the roads of the US

5. “Believe you can achieve and you're half way there.”

Magda Olivero
None trust you implicitly, it is your self-confidence and the way you show the world that you are trustworthy which decide how much the world can trust you. Having faith in yourself, is the prerequisite for you to spread the wings of success. The fire of self-confidence is a reason for the bonfire of accomplishments to blaze. All the required eligibility for you to achieve is, the level of faith you have in yourself and your abilities. Believe that you can, because your strength helps you face any challenge that comes in your life.  

Magda Olivero is undoubtedly an exemplar who defines the true potential of women. She respected her abilities more than anything. She respected her abilities more than anything. An Italian Operatic Soprano, she started when she was 22(or 'at 22') but moved to the opera house quickly as she laid the foundation to proficiency. Marriage caused her to temporarily pause her journey from getting exhibited, but she later came back with more enthusiasm to bloom her aims. Olivero made her début at the Metropolitan Opera in Tosca. Her last performances on stage were in March 1981 in the one-woman opera. The recordings of her performances exist even today. She was blessed with almost 50 years of bright career and died at an age of 104. The way she led her life has the power to mold many more for sure.

The ultimate wait and goal is to taste the fruit of success. Being keen on it alone doesn’t help. Acting on your decisions will surely take you there. This inspiring dose of guidance, ideas and motivation, we believe, would drive and encourage you to append the world with your victories. Go ahead and never stop! (Sources:,,,

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