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Maria Appelqvist Talks About Reclaiming Your Sensuality to Create Income Breakthroughs

Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D, is a professional coach, published author, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. She works with conscious women entrepreneurs to help them create a breakthrough in their income plateau by showing them how to become aware of their sensuality and feminine power.
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Helping People Break Through Income Plateaus

Maria lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation.  Currently she is building a tribe with women and men who want to learn what it means to be conscious in the area of love. 

Maria used to be an academic.  She describes cultivating learned skills of being very critical and analytical causing her to live in her head.  As a woman, she learned how to work hard and be independent.  She took pride in her independence.

Research Indicated a Need for Leadership Coaching

Her own research opened her to a whole new world of coaching that was completely different from what she had ever known.  She was interested in finding a solution to a problem she noticed with the lack of leadership in general.  She opened her own business and began coaching clients in leadership positions; in corporations and positions of authority such as politicians.  About the same time, she started her business, she also began on her own personal journey of taking more training to get to the next level of education.

One day, she was invited to join a “next edge” type of coaching call which she piqued her interest. She found it opened a whole new window for her where people could speak and articulate their feelings and expressions in ways that she didn’t have words for in Swedish.  She felt as if it was a whole new way of being.  She had gone through a lot of training but found out there was still so much more out there to learn.  She purchased this “next edge” training because the coaching call made her feel excited.  It was a huge investment but she invested because of the shift she felt in her body.  She thought the program would help her be able to connect deeper to her customers.

OM Meditation, the Limbic System and Attraction

She became a pioneer in her work of “OM meditation”.  With time and practice she could hold the energetic feeling for herself and other people.  She trains couples in this practice as well.  She explains that orgasm happens in the limbic system of the brain.  The same area of the reptilian brain where the emotions of fear and “fight or flight” occur.  When “OM meditation” is practiced, it creates energy and builds the muscle that allows you to better handle tension- not only in your own body but also in a group setting.
She is well-known in Sweden for speaking about this connection with sensuality, sex, money and leadership because it’s all tied together.  The person with strongest limbic system in the group ends up being the winner.  As an entrepreneur, this becomes very important because you’re always in sales conversations.  People hesitate to raise their prices and charge what their worth because they’re not capable of holding the sensation of expressing their investment to their clients.  This is where it all comes together where the sexual energy has the capacity to create more income for you. 

OM meditation is a practice that is packaged by Nicole Daedone called “OneTaste- Philosophy for the OMLife”.  Nicole says “Orgasm fundamentally roots our capacity for connection:  hormonally, emotionally and spiritually”.  The company, based in San Francisco has expanded to 70 cities in the world. It’s a 15-minute partnered practice.  It’s the key to sensuality, feminine energy and its ability to energetically attract.

Cellular Level Shifts That Release Tension

Maria’s company is called Vibrational Shift.  She initially thought that energy shifts had to do with mindset but found that they occur on the cellular level.  In your physical body, you’re storing memories that show up as tension and sometimes you don’t even know about it.  She’s found that many people are disconnected from their body.  Even if they think they are connected because they’re going to the gym or running a marathon.  But they are often disconnected and that is why they can push themselves so hard. 

Maria explains that memories and stored tension is released with OM meditation.  You have tension, blocks and memory spots on your body and when you do this practice you’re able to release tension and become more open.  When you are in the energy of being happy, excited and feeling light, you attract.  With the shift in your own vibration, you become a magnet.

Scarcity Thinking vs Experiencing Abundance

Maria traveled from Sweden to San Francisco for retreats and when she would come home, she’d notice that she would feel more stress and tension in her physical system.  She could feel abundance in her body when she visited the US and attended her retreats.  She realized that the retreats helped her understand how her physical body experienced abundance.  She also realized that most people live in the land of scarcity not knowing how abundance feels. 

She has a program that intellectually teaches people in Sweden about this kind of meditation practice but she says to really understand it, one way is to experience this type of OM practice

Entrepreneurs are always wanting to learn more about themselves and looking at what’s next.  Maria loves teaching people about the OM practice.  She feels it helps relationships from understanding the polarity of male and female which creates attraction and the power of attention.  She is passionate about teaching men, women and couples because she feels she can educate them in a unique way.  She holds a safe, professional container for people to learn about their own sensuality, sexuality and conscious love. She talks about sex being taboo for different cultures and some personalities.  She helps to meet them where they are.  Maria feels that if you want to be confident, stand in your personal power and be a leader, exploring this type of practice can be very helpful.

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Maria has gathered research about the history of sexuality and how love lights up the brain.  She has put it together as a report for readers to feed their intellectual mind.  You can find it here:
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