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A Lasting Experience At The Largest Power Market In The Middle East - Power & Transmission Summit

Here’s more you need to know about the 3rd Annual Power And Transmission summit 2017, on the 15th & 16th March, 2017 in Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia is the largest power market in the Middle East with the greatest potential for new projects and sector activity.

The expansion of Saudi Arabia's economy, drive for diversification and its rapidly growing population are all contributing to an increase in demand for electricity – currently 4.5 per cent annually. This required expansion of Saudi Arabia's power sector has created the opportunity for foreign investment participation.
3rd Annual Power & Transmission Summit
Energy consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented growth; Peak demand is expected to reach 90 GW in 2022. The ministry of water and electricity has announced an investment of $133 billion for the power sector to meet rising energy demands of the nation.

Today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not only looking at generating power through the burning of fossil fuels but are also focusing on generating power through renewable and alternate sources of energy.

The upcoming projects in KSA :

- Installation of 9.5GW of renewable energy under the Vision 2030.

- Saudi Arabia to start work on 16 key power projects to enhance power generation in the eastern province of Ihsa, 2017-2021.

Regions to be covered, include Al Salmaniya, Al Ghassaniya, Ain Al Murjan, Al Khalidiya, Al Qadissiya, Al Masoudi, Nada Saudi Arabia to Egypt transmission line, interconnection project to be operational before mid-2019.

The project valued at $USD 1.6 Billion Partnership percentage for power plant electricity generation through “strategic partners” increased to 100% from 27%. Allocation of USD $109 Billion towards solar power, project to be delivered by 2040, under long term energy planning.

The benefits of attending the summit would be, Understand how reductions in the amount of crude and natural gas-fired electricity generation can be brought about , Hear about current trends in the interconnection of regional grids ,Benchmark best practices to increase reliability and efficiency of electricity transmission and distribution, Learn from industry experts about achieving energy efficiency gains among the entire consumer eco system,  Gather current information about clean energy projects and forecasts for the future, Meet and network with key regional stakeholders from the utilities sector ,Explore multiple solutions integral for improving the power sector. Nispana is proud to announce the 3rd Power & Transmission Summit, scheduled to take place on the (15th & 16th March 2017) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This summit will be an ideal platform for the Kingdom’s key power sector stakeholders, national and international power sector leaders, investors, contractors and solution providers, who will be meeting to discuss how to generate, power through renewable methods and sustainable & clean technologies.

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