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Needy Heart Foundation : Restoring the damaged hearts

While there are millions from around the world who are suffering with heart problems, there are also many who are not even aware of how they could prevent themselves from the issue. At the same time, there are many heart patients who are unable to afford to get a surgery done. The Needy Heart Foundation was conceived to help the economically poor to undergo treatment and to bring about an awareness about the preventive aspects of heart disease among the general public.
Mr O P Khanna, one of the founding trustees, mentioned, “Earlier, it was only the older people who suffered from heart diseases, but today, the younger generation are also suffering. Lot of them are working too hard and are too stressed from work. Also, they’re unable to make time to take care of their health. They’re strong and have the willpower to do bigger things but they must not forget that they need a healthier life to live happily. Bringing this awareness in people wasn’t easy for us. We also wanted to help out those in the economically poor sector to get themselves treated for their diseases.” This intention led to a couple of like-minded cardiac surgeons join hands with him to build Needy Heart Foundation.
Needy Heart Foundation
It has been more than 15 years since its inception in Bangalore and the very first year they were able to help save 8 lives through their program. Gradually the number of hands that joined to help the vision led to saving more lives and the NGO has so far helped with the successful surgery of more than 6000 lives from around the world. Some of the trustee members include Dr. R. C. Srivyas, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon , President of Needy Heart Foundation, Dr. Joseph Xavier – Vice President, Dr. Devananda N. S.  – Treasurer and others.

The vision has crossed beyond borders and has helped saved lives from around the world. “We’ve treated heart patients even from Pakistan. The service we wish to provide is borderless. We believe that brotherhood is not just within the country, but the entire world” said O P Khanna.

The foundation has also spread its wings as Rotary Needy Heart Foundation and has received immense support from Rotary International. The team believed that the association could help reach out to the larger crowd and faster. The foundation has raised more than Rs. 40 Crores – 50 Crores. The NGO has continued to strive to achieve its vision – ‘to eliminate deaths due to heart disease, for lack of money or knowledge.’ Some of their approaches to help reach out to people are through multiple free heart camps in rural and urban unprivileged population, creating awareness in the general public about heart diseases – cause, treatments and preventions. Many times the surgeries have been done free of cost to those who haven’t been able to afford the operations at all. The NGO has continues to give its best to provide the surgeries at an economical rate.

The Needy Heart Foundation has been leading the society and the upcoming leaders of the country, through its actions in helping people, with an objective of preventing finance from being a hurdle in the treatment process of heart patients. While there are many emerging NGOs to help treat the physical conditions of the needy, NHF certainly stands as the perfect example for those wanting to serve the society. 

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