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Enhancing your experience of entertainment - Yuktha Entertainment Services

Haven't we all had experiences of attending parties or some kind of program which could have had some kind of entertainment - probably music, dance or a magic show in a birthday party or entertainment of any other kind, but didn't have one? Here is something you might want to remember the next time you host a program and wish to not miss the entertainment!
It was when Saradhi Babu Rasala, the founder of YK software Solutions Pvt Ltd, attended a party and found no entertaining aspect at all, he realized that there was a huge requirement of entertainment services. When he thought deeper, he realized there are hundreds of thousands of talents who do not have opportunities to showcase their talents. He decided to club them both and make way for better events to take place. Thus was the emergence of Yuktha Entertainment Services. Rasala is the man behind YK Innosoft Technologies and eTravel Smart.
Yuktha Entertainment Services
Born in the small village of Bhadrachalam of the Indian state of Telangana, he was the first person in the village to pass his 12th grade. He then completed engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, in spite of financial issues in the family. He then worked at the corporate for a few years and decided entrepreneurship was his way of life. With the support of his friends, he founded  YK software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Having lived through the cycle of entrepreneurship from a start-up to an emerging company and establishing it, he knew that starting another venture might involve risk in terms of the revenue, but he believes that “entrepreneurship is in itself about taking risks.”

Currently Yukta Entertainment Services, through its applications - that provides services to book artists, performers and celebrities for any event, and which offers opportunity to artists and allows him/her to register online, whose profile will be showcased on the site for those who wish to book for artists from the particular industry.
Yuktha Entertainment Services
People looking for Entertainment Services for any Corporate Event, Personal or family parties like Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Marriage and others can find their favourite celebrities - artists, makeup artists, singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, all types of bands, DJs, VJs, and many more online.

Although there weren’t problem with investments due to profits from the earlier ventures, to be able to convince the artists to register to the platform was definitely not an easy task when people were not sure if it would really fetch them opportunities. On the other hand, convincing celebrities to join hands is of course, a harder part of the journey. But not giving up at those moments when things didn’t work and still moving ahead with conviction led Saradhi to grow higher in building the business.

“There are more than 5000 events happening every single day” he says, “but people aren’t sure of where to get the right artist for their particular event. In our platform, each artist is rated by those who book the specific person for events; the people looking for a particular kind of an artist can choose him/her based on the ratings and reviews. So, the customers eventually get to pick the best artist within the budget allocated.” Currently, Yukta Entertainment Services has more than 600 artists registered, including anchors, musicians, dancers, magicians, DJs, make-up artists, photographers and many others. In the last two years of inception, the team has been able to help create the fun aura at more than 500 events in and around Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The business undoubtedly helps understand an important aspect of planning for a venture. It’s not about how big is your idea; it’s about observing what’s missing in and around you. You will be astonished to see the kind of scope the venture shall have. And don’t forget that “entrepreneurship is not only about taking risks, but also being able to push yourself through those hard times and about your readiness to go to any extent to make it happen, by not giving up.”

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