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Lose and Find

Poetry always inspires. Inspiring poetry provokes deep thoughts. 
lose and find
Finiteness, I know is a myth.
This world is a symmetry of open brackets.
Connecting millions of points in a closed 3D figure to create an illusion.
An illusion like the probabilities creates, when they contain too many elements.

Contradictory, To trends that an arithmetic progression show.
There are sequences which doesn't fit anywhere.
I haven't named them yet.
But I certainly will.

Because it's good to be lost ,
Lost amongst the known and unknown.If you have inspiring poetry to submit feel free to write for us and we shall inspire our readers on the go with your lines.

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Suman Choudhary
Suman Choudhary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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