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A Terrific Resolution For 2018

Smile often doesn't cost must but brings lot of rewards. There are very few things in this world that have great rewards at very low investment. Smile if definitely one of them. Dr Trilok Kumar Jain has a very interesting perspective to categories of people who smile. Which one do you belong to? Whichever it might be, but do resolve to SMILE this year and ahead. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo

A Terrific Resolution for the YEAR 2018

Best Resolution For 2018 The year 2018 has taken a start with two months down. Lets make a few promises for this brilliant year ahead. The best promise that I can make to myself is that I would like to spend this year with a big broad smile. I request you all to make the same promise. You may extend this promise to the whole of remaining year. If that happens, the year 2018 is set to become the year of smiles.

Your overall happiness depends on your choices. If you have taken a choice to smile and be happy, no person or situation can disturb you. If you have taken a firm decision that you will welcome everyone and every situation with a smile, no person can deter you.

People often ask for reasons for something. Logical reasoning is not required for such decisions. Can you find someone smiling? Ask for reasons – and most of the time you will not find any convincing reason. Most of the time the reasons would not be propelling enough for you to claim that it requires a smile. Apply the principles that others have used for smiling. Can you find yourself smiling?
Best Resolution For 2018 The reasons why others smiled, need not produce a smile on your face. So ultimately you have to take a decision to smiile. Smile without reasons. Do you need a reason to frown or get angry? Do you need a reason to have a bad mood? No – then why are you searching for a reason to smile.

Smiles add up your happiness and help you connect with others. Smiles are the best organaments that you can aspire. Smiles are the best greetings to people.

"Someone just smiled | No reasons | No excuses | Smiles without license | Happiness shared | No GST | No Registration | Just a willingness to share"

It has been found that those who live close to nature, have a greater tendency to feel good and be willing to smile. It is also proved that those who relish their every moment, tend to smile easily. It has also been found that those who undertake regular meditation, yoga and relaxing exercises, are easier to smile.Best Resolution For 2018 After you have tried smiling frequently and making it a part of your habit, ask yourself how do you feel?
Do you really enjoy every moment of your life. Do you feel blessed that you are alive and happy.

There are three types of people with regard to smiling
one - those who never or rarely smile,
two - those who always smile - and
three - those who smile very carefully analysing each situation.
I would request people to join the group of people who always smile.
What is your category?
Do you really feel at ease in smiling?
Do you really feel happiness while smiling?
Do you really wish to smile always?
If yes, spread this resolution to smile.
Ask at least one person to smile without reasons and excuses because I do, You do and all of must do.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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