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The Mentoring Chronicles 3: Connecting the Dots

Often mentors are the people who shape a lot of our thinking and perspectives. Give us direction when we need and empower us to believe in ourselves when life hits hard from directions we don't understand. Sandhya Nagaraj brings a terrific piece yet again in her mentoring chronicles collection. Read ON!
Many a time we are at the crossroads of life, not really knowing what is happening with us. Some of us discuss our daily life with our friends, some of us try to sleep with the problem- waiting for the answer to strike, some of us resort to the internet for answers, some resort to religion, some to spirituality, some to books, some to sources they deem can solve their problems, whatever the source may be.

Where does a mentor belong in this picture? A mentor doesn't just belong, he/she perfectly fits into the picture.

While discussing your situations with your friends who know more or less the same amount as you - or are on the same frequency as you- can give you ideas of some ways to handle a given situation, a mentor seemingly is able to fit things into perspective - into the bigger frame - and make you realise there is more than what you are able to see.

He/she can show you all the dots you left unconnected - dots, which you yourself would have taken years to connect all by yourself- and sometimes at a price that might just you your life.

Everything costs life, undoubtedly. Certain things cost money, which costs your time and energy - which is nothing but a cost to your life that you so hold dear.

We all pay the prices for the things we want - the only choice we have is whether we do it joyfully or somewhat unwillingly.

Whatever you give unwillingly will reflect at the time of you receiving, so if you have been receiving from the universe with some unwillingness, with less joy, you know what you need to check - your thought pattern and emotions at the time of giving anything to anyone.
Despite that, certain battles are not meant to be fought, they are meant to be passed through. The best thing to do for certain kinds of storms is to lie low, and stay low until it passes.
The cost can sometimes be life itself- which is too big a price to pay, and one must remember that nothing in life is worth paying life itself. And at times like these, when the seemingly unconnected dots are about to demand a price that equates your life, one can only be thankful to have a mentor who can connect the dots for them - and save YEARS of turmoil, mental instability and pain. What does one call saving all these years of life by just one simple discussion?
A discussion in which you hardly managed to get all the details, a discussion post which you could co-relate a hundred other single points of life to these very same dots?
As much as I have been of the understanding that miracles are events or results of actions whose positive consequences we just cannot anticipate, I would call this precisely that - a miracle. Unbeknownst to me, a knowledge beyond my knowing comes to me when I need it the most by who but my mentor - and it leaves me in awe.A life saved is a miracle indeed. Prevention of disasters do not make headlines in today's outside world, but that is precisely what IUeMag is for.
To captures life's miracles- which are sometimes just that - prevention of fatal disasters.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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