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Deborah St Hilaire Talks About Staying Self Strong And Divalution on 19th Episode of Empowered Living SHOW

Author of Divalution: The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva, Deborah St. Hilaire, believes it’s her “life’s purpose to unite women with Divalutionary strength, red wine and laughter, for the mutual elation of humankind.”. Learn more about her story and watch the complete the SHOW here for deeper insights. #EmpoweredLivingSHOW
Empowered Living Show
“Return the Nurture to our Nature”

Author of Divalution: The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva, Deborah St. Hilaire, believes it’s her “life’s purpose to unite women with Divalutionary strength, red wine and laughter, for the mutual elation of humankind.”

Her Many Hats

The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva Deborah is a best-selling author, creator of the women’s internet radio network,, radio show host/producer, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Women’s Life and Transitions Coach specializing in divorce, adoption and family, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Award-winning Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Design Psychologist, Reiki Master, poet, wife, and mother.

What is a “Divalution?”

For years, Deb watched women, both in the health club/spa industry and in real estate, constantly cutting each other down behind their backs. She was shocked at how women treated each other, even women who claimed to be good friends. It’s time for us to come together to build each other up, and incorporate the feminine into corporations.

How Can a Divalution Change the World?

Simply put, if we can embrace each other and our differences, and allow our innate nurturing to flow from sister to sister, we can rid the world of the pettiness and gossip. Then we will be able to mentor without jealousy, and support each other without judgment. Then, we can all succeed.

“There’s Room for Everybody”

Deb firmly believes there is no reason for women to compete against each other. There is a unique place and niche for everyone. We are so good at nurturing our children, but we tear each other apart. It makes no sense, and she won’t have anything to do with it. She says women need to stand up for each other, and either speak up or walk away when someone starts to gossip, or badmouth another woman.

Give Purpose to Your Pain

She has survived hard times, including three divorces, and says each experience taught her a lesson she needed to learn. She encourages women to learn and grow from every bump in the road. When the real estate market crashed in 2009, Deb decided then and there to become a Life Coach, and she never looked back.

First Radio Show

After the success of her book, Deb was offered her first radio show, and that led to her creating the first women’s internet radio network in the Midwest, “W4Divas”.

Her Ever-Evolving Truth

The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva Right now, Deb’s truth is to make a difference in somebody else’s life, but, she says, her truth is always changing, growing, and she has learned to allow that growth. Find your truth, but always be open to it evolving to something new.

Rituals, Rituals, Rituals

Deb swears by finding things that comfort you, and then making them rituals in your life. Every morning, she meditates, reads, or listens to something, like Abraham Hicks, that helps her focus to prepare for her day. Do something consistently that gives you inner peace. In the evenings, Deb cleanses her aura of any negative energy she picked up from other people during the day. This ritual helps her sleep. A friend of hers rubs lavender essential oil on her hands and under her nose before she climbs into bed. Whatever you do, make sure you do it regularly.

Take Care of Yourself First

Ever wonder why, when you fly, the instructions in case of an emergency tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping anyone else? Self-care is vital. Take care of yourself first, and life will flow much better.

Setting Boundaries

Deb learned the hard way how other people’s energies can bog you down. As a realtor, she was always interacting with people, involved in everything she was asked to do, wanting to help everyone, to save everyone, and at the end of the day, she would feel empty. If you set boundaries, like learning to say no, your cup won’t empty as quickly. She says that only you can replenish your own cup. No one else can do it for you. This is where the self-care and rituals come into play.

Go Barefoot!

Humans are meant to walk outside, in nature, in our bare feet every day, Deb says. It’s called “grounding,” and it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. Connect with the earth, walk in the woods, work in your garden, dig in the dirt, and notice how centered you feel afterward. Animals are naturals at grounding. Hug your dog, and get grounded!

Find Your Truth

Deb’s personal experience with losing someone she worked with led her to realize that no one will ever value her mission as much as she does…and that’s okay. A good friend told her that her passion is no one else’s. It’s not as important to anyone else as it is to her. Find your own truth, and let others find theirs.

Listen to the Universe

When you feel like giving up, and Deb says, she still has days like that, decide if the Universe is just testing your commitment to your dreams, or if it’s telling you you’re going the wrong way. She helps her clients tell the difference by asking them several questions, mostly about how each possibility feels. Find where you genius lies, and go that way.The Evolution and Revolution of the Diva

One Step at a Time

Deb advises not to look too far ahead on your path. Focus on the next step in your journey. Find your truth, set boundaries, meditate, pray, ground yourself every day, and enlist your rituals, whatever they may be, to recharge and declutter your mind.
This will allow you to clearly see the messages the Universe is sending you.

The Future…

Deborah is teaming up with “Women to Women Michigan” magazine in 2018, and she is thrilled at the possibilities and opportunities this partnership will create for her own mission, and for women all over the country.

Deborah’s FREE gift!

Find Deb at her website,, and take advantage of her newly-launched coaching program that will work for anyone!
You can also listen to her podcasts on W4Diva's dot com. 
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