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Journey Called Life

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Journey Called Life
The drop of water – knows its path

The tiny droplet – has a journey

There is a goal - a path - a purpose

It will not stop - Till the goal is reached

But do I have one?

Do I work for my purpose?

Do I strive for my goals?

Questions for one who thinks

But answers come

When I stop thinking

Is there an end? a purpose? a master?

The questions that stopped everyone

When we stop – we begin

When we begin, we discover

The treasures within

The answers within

The puzzles unexplored

When I search for bliss

When I search for ecstasy

When I search for eternity

I find it all around

What is deep inside me

Is also all around me

When I search for my purpose

Its deep inside me

Creator and destroyer

Both inside me

My words can inspire

They can also conspire

What seems the most complex

Is also the most subtle

I am – the maker

I am the destroyer

I am the dreamer

I am - the creator

The choice is with me

The path is with me

The doors are open

There is warm welcome

One resolution

And the journey will begin

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