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My Teacher

Teachers are the direction leaders of our journeys and truly bring changes to life and value that can't be explained in words. Here's a set of lines open for lyrical conversations on what Sri Trilok Kumar Jain feels about his teacher.
Teachers Are Great
I thought - there will be a limit
He showed me the path
I asked for the path
He pushed me into the puzzle
I asked for the solutions
He encouraged me for a dive
I had a fear
His presence made it disappear
I flew all around
He brought me to a narrow lane
I wanted to jump high
He made me without limits
I inquired for the limits
He showed me the torch
I asked for the goals
He showed the windows
I rushed for the nector
but he saved me from the poison
I wished for my targets
He showed me the sky
I aspired for the gems outside
He turned me inside
I thought I was the best
He uncovered me to face the truth
I thought I knew everything
I realised - it was nothing
I thought he was great
He enabled me beyond myself

For the love of poetry and your teacher, share it with the teacher you love the most and with someone who loves their teacher the most! #StayInspiredOnTheGo #TeachersAreGreat

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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