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Your Guide to the Best Camping Sites in Australia

On a trip to Australia and you might need to be camping at places in between? This piece is surely going to be of help to plan where you would get the best experience on your travel. Read ON!
Australia has got to be the best place to camp. Even if you are not a local, you can learn more about the country’s varied sceneries, wildlife, and history just by camping and visiting its natural landscapes.
Whether you are looking for beaches or mountains and lakes, all you need is a campervan for hire booked in Australia, your camping essentials, and the below list of sites to visit. For those quiet evenings, we would also recommend PIQO, a portable HD projector for all your media fixes on the go wherever you are. 

Mount Field National Park, TAS

While New Zealand has become sort of a pilgrimage destination for Tolkien fans, you can actually get a slice of Lord of the RIngs at Mount Field National Park. Located at Tasmania, you can find swamp gums her, the tallest of which can reach up to 100 metres high -- a bit like the Ents in the Middle-Earth stories. You will also get a chance to do a fern forest walk that leads to the Russell Falls, a truly relaxing landscape which might offer a sighting or two of the yellow-tailed black cockatoos.

Mornington Peninsula, VIA

Best camping sites in Australia
For beginner campers and families, this is the best place to start. Mornington Peninsula is just an hour and a half drive from Melbourne and has one of the most family-friendly beaches. The Blairgowrie beach has all the facilities to make your trip fun and convenient for everyone. It has a 200-metre long jetty, a clean camping area, and boat ramps. However, you need to be careful when swimming out since there are tidal currents.

Launceston, TAS

Best camping sites in Australia
Another location in Tasmania you should consider visit is the riverside town of Launceston, which is two and a half hours from Hobart (another city in Tasmania you should definitely check out, if only to see how beautiful Old-World glamour is when mixed with modern town luxuries). You can hike Ben Lomond and its alpine plateau that reaches up to 1500 metres high. Drive a little farther from Launceston city centre to visit the Cataract Gorge where you can go swimming or white water rafting.

Mount Kaputar National Park, NSW

If you want to fill your Instagram gallery with #nofilter images of the mountains and other natural sceneries, then you should definitely check out Dawsons Spring at Mount Kaputar National Park. This place offers a 360-degree view of New South Wales, another city that shows how beautiful history and modernity in architecture looks when combined together.

Noosa, QLD

Located at the Sunshine Coast, this coastal town is just two hours north of Brisbane. If you are going to Australia in the cooler months of the year, this is definitely the best place to camp out. Apart from getting a look at the Noosa coastline at the Noosa National Park, you can also drop by the Australian Zoo to see the crocodiles and enjoy a relaxing time at Noosa Main Beach.  
So pack up your gear and head on over to Australia for some of the most exciting camping sites in the world. Want to know more other camping destinations and the best campervan deals to get? Then you should check out DriveNow to know more on how to make your camping trip easier and unforgettable.

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