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Must Read Blogs To Grow Your Small Businesses In 2018

As a small business owner, you want to stay updated on current trends, best business practices and industry topics so your company can grow. Here's a list of best blogs for 2018 for small business owners to keep the axe sharp enough at all stages. Read ON!
You tend to achieve your goal faster, when you read business blogs that share industry news, economic trends and helpful tips that keep you informed, inspired and educated.

This list of the best business blogs of 2018 includes a variety of blogs written by experienced business people, educated analysts and other experts. Each blog requires only a few minutes of your time but will yield big results. Discover more about how these blogs will improve the way you operate your small business this year.

Big Ideas for Small Business - Find information about taxes, employment, legal issues and other technical aspects of owning a small business from tax and business attorney Barbara Weltman.

Buffer - Maximize your business's social media presence, increase traffic and build fan engagement as you implement tips from Buffer’s blog.

Chamber of Commerce - The Chamber of Commerce educates business owners and promotes America’s competitiveness, and you will gain beneficial insights and ideas as you read blog content that’s available to Chamber members and non-members.

Chris Brogan - Gain strategies that help you successfully grow your capabilities, connections and business when you follow Chris’s weekly blog posts.

Chris Ducker - Read educational and inspirational content from virtual entrepreneur Chris Ducker, and build your personal brand and company's message as you expand your business into the 21st century.

Contently - Build your brand with invaluable content on topics like social media marketing, visual presentation and storytelling.

Copyblogger - Create valuable content for your customers and clients when you follow tips found on Copyblogger, a site dedicated to helping business owners create content that attracts attention and yields traffic and sales.

Duct Tape Marketing - Market your business effectively with versatile and understandable advice, strategies and information from Duct Tape Marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk - Learn ways to use and maximize social media and succeed in business from successful entrepreneur and vlogger Gary Vaynerchuk.

Harvard Business Review - Read insights, essays and blurbs from business thought leaders when you access the HBR blog.

Industry Leaders - Search online for industry leaders who specialize in marketing, customer service, branded apps and other business success tools, and follow their blogs as you discover new ideas that can help you make changes, expansions or upgrades that help your business.

Insurance Company - Follow your business insurance company's blog to stay updated on relevant protective measures, safety tips and new products.

Jim’s Marketing Blog - Discover marketing tips and other advice that helps your company generate sales, boost profits and grow business.

Michael Hyatt - Live with vision and focus, balance work and life demands, prioritize your goals and achieve success with tools from bestselling author Michael Hyatt’s weekly online magazine.

Peter Shankman - Discover customer service, public relations, advertising and marketing advice from an entrepreneur with ADHD.

Seth Godin - Challenge yourself and everything about the way you do business with Seth Godin’s daily blog that discusses marketing, leadership, ideas, quitting and other topics.

Small Business Trends - Trends change frequently, and you will stay up-to-date on all the changes when you subscribe to this popular small business blog.

Smart Passive Income - Passive income could help your business and revenue grow, and you can learn how to create your own video, book and online passive income streams when you read expert Pat Flynn’s blog.

SuccessWorks - Focus on improving your website and blog SEO content with tips, advice and trending information from the SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin.

TaxBuzz - Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be a burden when you read TaxBuzz, a blog that teaches you how to do your taxes properly and stay on top of your business paperwork.

U.S. Small Business Administration - Gather resources on business financing, management and marketing when you follow the SBA blog.

Wordstream - Boost your advertising reach across multiple platforms with advice found in the Wordstream blog.

Ways to Maximize Your Time and Stay Informed
While you certainly will want to subscribe to these small business blogs, you may wonder how you’ll have time. Use an RSS tool like Feedly, Panda, Newsblur or . These tools consolidate interesting blogs in one place, allow you to scan the topics quickly and enhance your ability to choose the posts you want to read that day. If you’re ready to take your small business to the next level, read these blogs. They provide information, insight and encouragement that helps you connect with your audience, improve customer engagement and succeed in business and in life.

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