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Inspiration For Saving Money When Sending Consumers Goods As A StartUp

Saving money is good for a startup in whatever form it might be realised. Cost cutting isn't for giants alone, it's called saving when it comes to startups. Here's what you could do to save money while sending consumer goods as a startup.
As a startup, you’ll of course want to ensure that you can provide a seamless parcel delivery service, however you’ll also want to minimise the amount of money that you spend on delivery in order to maximise your profit. Luckily for you, there are many ways to save money when sending consumers goods, allowing you to focus on more important financial situations within your organisation. Whether you’re in need of a cheap pallet delivery to ship items in bulk, or even cheap international delivery when operating on a global scale, these are our top tips for cutting back on the pennies. 

Be Efficient With Packaging

Saving Money When Sending Consumers Goods As A StartUp You’ll want to ensure that all of your items arrive in immaculate condition as a startup to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction; however you don’t want to increase the price of your parcel delivery due to heavyweight packaging materials.

As a result, it’s always best to opt for lightweight packaging materials that will not only decrease the overall amount of your parcel delivery, but they’ll also protect your parcel effectively during transit, whether that’s overseas or not. Bubble wrap is an excellent lightweight material to use to individually protect each item, and Styrofoam packaging ‘peanuts’ work perfectly to fill any gaps within parcels.

Only Opt For Special Deliveries When Necessary

If you’re not carrying out the parcel delivery yourself and instead are opting for a courier to do it for you, you’ll want to ensure that you save as much money on their services as possible. Therefore, always try to avoid offering special delivery services at the beginning of your start-up’s operation. Once you’ve generated more profits, offering a special delivery service for your goods is an excellent way to keep your customers happy, however it’s better to opt for a standard delivery initially as these are cheaper and will allow you to rack in a bit more money first.

Buy Your Packaging Materials In Bulk

When sending out items on a commercial scale, you’ll want to ensure you have the packaging materials to accommodate for the demand. The best approach to this therefore is to buy all of your packaging materials in bulk as opposed to individually when you need them, as this will only cost you more money in the long-term. Buying in bulk is considerably less expensive than purchasing per unit, so you can keep yourself organised and maintain a large stash of items ready for orders to come through your website.

Keep The Size Of Your Parcel To A Minimum

Saving Money When Sending Consumers Goods As A StartUp 1 While this isn’t always possible for start-ups shipping larger items, it can be useful for a lot of different goods being shipped. As you’d expect, the bigger the parcel you try to ship, the more expensive your parcel delivery will be,meaning that a smaller parcel is a great way to keep the delivery costs down and enhance post purchase experience. Depending on how large your item is for example, you could opt for a jiffy bag as opposed to a lightweight cardboard box, as this will be considerably cheaper.
If you’re a startup offering clothes, instead of opting for a bulky box, opt for a plastic parcel bag as this is much more lightweight but will still protect your items sufficiently during transit. 

Maximising your profits as much as possible is essential for start-ups, which is why you’ll need to optimise your parcel delivery as much as possible to ship your goods to consumers for reduced prices. By being efficient with your packaging and smart with the services that you offer, you’ll be able to save hundreds every year on your parcel delivery services.
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