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Choosing the Best Cordless Drills

If you're a homeowner, you'll require a drill at some point, whether you like using your hands on your home projects or you periodically do some DIY(Do It Yourself) touch-ups. A good drill maintains its charge, has controls that are easy to use and can withstand a number of tasks. Read ON!
Cordless Drills

Since there're different drill types available including corded or cordless, second hand or not and drill-driver or both, it can get a bit challenging to find the best cordless drill for you. You always need right guidelines to be able to get the best drill press for the money you have in hand and here's a few pointers that will take you through this journey well enough. 
Some famous brands include DeWalt, Makita and Bosch. Some of the retailers are; Argos, online outlets, B&Q and Screwfix.
Here is some of the info you will need to buy the best cordless drills under $100.

The Type of Drill You Need

1. Drill-drivers

Drill-drivers are designed in a specific way to drive screws and drill holes. They're very useful in a variety of home jobs including hanging picture hooks and shelves and building flat-pack furniture. The key-less chuck on the drill-driver is used to swap quickly between many kinds of drill bit. When it comes to versatility, they're among the best home tools you can find. For beginners, this is the best tool to start buying. However, the lack of a hammer-action function, makes it hard for even the models with the highest power to withstand the very tough materials like concrete.

2. Combination Drills

Apart from driving screws and drilling holes, a combination drill consists of a hammer-drilling mode that helps with the hard surfaces like concrete, brick and paving slabs. If masonry is involved in your DIY projects, then you definitely require a hammer-action drill. Certain heavy-duty drills can be so powerful than your home projects need and so, a combination drill comes in as the best choice when you require a tool with some vigor to use for the daily jobs.

Whichever drill you go for, it's important to ensure that the drill you're using is suitable for the job. When drilling in to hard surfaces like concrete, ensure tungsten-carbide drill bits are used.

Cordless Drills

The Best Cordless Drill Brand

Many drill owners have been asked to rate their drills for suitability in the job, value and reliability. Some were happier than others. By checking the online reviews of these products, it can guide you choose correctly and accordingly.


Combination drills are often pricier than drill-drivers cause they tend to have extra features. In drill tests carried out, the cheapest drills don't do well; although, expensive drills don't guarantee good quality. If you shop online, look out for the many ways that cordless drills are sold. These include standalone, bare and collection.

- Standalone - Have an additional battery and charger.

- Bare - No charger or battery. They're sold separately.

- Collection - A part of the many cordless tools in the kit.

Needed Features

- Voltage - For heavy-duty DIY projects, a high-powered drill suits the job. For light, indoor DIY projects like building flat-pack furniture and putting curtain poles, a low-power drill is the one for the job.

- Battery capacity - The better the battery capacity, the longer the battery's charge will last. Go for a battery with short charge time but a long life.

- Chuck size - The larger the chuck size, the better the drill will handle most jobs.- Maximum torque. - Extra features like LED light, dust extractor and belt clip could prove useful.

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