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Different Struggles & Triumphs in E-commerce


E-commerce is on the upsurge across the globe today. With progressively more consumers shopping online every year, there's sufficiently enough space for e-commerce industries of all sizes. Nonetheless, it's more crucial than ever for e-commerce businesses to understand their brand deeply, viciously make themselves known, surpass their rivals, and keep their customers convinced.

Developing a thriving e-commerce business has not once been simple. Considering the competition these days, it becomes more challenging than ever. More and more e-commerce companies encounter struggles before attaining the triumphs they've wanted to happen.

Why E-commerce Businesses Struggle?

There are many simple explanations for the e-commerce struggle, wherein shops in various trades will encounter significant battles and adversities. Although, there are a few frequent fights that every e-commerce business challenges facing e-commerce businesses get to fight.

Roughly 80% of the e-commerce businesses flunk. And there are a few frequent reasons why consumers are expected to abandon yours in the dust:

  • They don't understand your site
  • The navigation is complicated
  • The product value is ambiguous
Struggles and Strategies to Keep in Mind

Rivalry is Inevitable: Carry on with the Modern Trends

The competition is notably active in the e-commerce space, which goes in many ways. An extraordinarily evident company value scheme is crucial to maintaining competitive products, services, and pricing. Easily put, the goal here is to showcase yourself to stand out and gain over more buyers.

Make sure that your website looks proficient and is appropriately enhanced for the top search result in the current algorithm of Google. Numerous profitable businesses improve their domain authority by extending a distinctive service or product that focuses on a smaller population.

Is it the Right Market? Find the Ideal Match for your Business

It's a great strategy to look for your ideal customers. Finding the correct market for your brand must be your initial step when starting an online business. One way to find your perfect match is by making a few assumptions as to what your goal market is and route Facebook ads to consumers who are most likely to take action.

If you get a deal, discover as many as you can about your consumers and what motivates them to your business. Once you already have your product-market match figured out, you have the opportunity to progress in recognizing the most effective and competent approach to influence your ideal clients.

Customer Involvement: Provide the Best Deal to Potential Clients

The customers expect to have a better shopping experience online than in person. In our world today, where everything happens online, it shouldn't be disbelief to us that our customers know more about your prices, products, as well as competition.

Steady and profitable pricing is a condition for any e-commerce business to thrive in today's competitive industry. Selecting the correct online solution for your commerce will surely get you through collective sales and winning over extra clients.


Success Stories of E-Commerce Businesses

Traveler Collective Utilized A User-Generated Content

Traveler Collective aims to produce something for individuals who like to journey around the world and want to do something about the many disparities today. It is created around sharing a desire for travel while being able to generate a positive influence on the people. These two essential elements blend to produce an exceptional experience for customers, which empowers them to share their travel getaways with the world while giving back.

Darryl McIvor, the creator of Traveler Collective, formed a set of carved rings for each country across the globe. Travelers can gather these rings on a necklace or clip, wherein every purchase supports to fund a charitable venture.

More than 10,000 tourists from over 100 countries have purchased the rings from Traveler Collective. Are you wondering about the ultimate part of their success? Well, it's down to the user-generated content they've used in marketing.

Instagram users have used their hashtag, #ontheroadwithtc, for more than 4,500 times. Not only that, Traveler Collective frequently reposts those user-generated content on their Instagram profile, making it more visible to many netizens.

What's the main point? We can see here that you don't need a significant amount of budget for marketing to create a buzz about your new business. Instead, you need to create a remarkable experience around your product

Beer Cartel Utilized Content Marketing

Beer Cartel is a new e-commerce business in 2009, which got the most massive array of craft beers in Australia, with more than 1,100 beers offered. In 2017, Richard Kelsey, founder of the Beer Cartel, desired to raise his commerce and provided four specific challenges:

  1. To initiate a rise in sales;
  2. To generate substantial publicity;
  3. To grow their mailing list; and
  4. To be perceived as a strong leader in the craft beer space.
To prove his point in his challenges, Beer Cartel turned to content marketing. Instead of repeating similar kinds of content like all other businesses out there, they've formed something exceptional – the Australian Craft Beer Survey.

As a substitute for sending a standard "we're having a survey, would you help us in promoting it?" note, it created a convincing bargain for other brands in their industry.

To boost the survey's shares and support, any business that endorsed the study would have a free copy of the business report produced from the survey results. So, by merely sharing a survey, each contributing industry could attain a few vital insights into the Australian craft beer industry, as well as its customers.


Is this the moment that you're decisively working to unveil the business idea you've been fantasizing about and planning of? Or perhaps you can’t wait to double down your income? Whichever it is, know that it isn't permanently easy to get that big triumph online. As a business owner, you have to distinguish the trade secrets if you want to make it to the top successfully.

Like any other business, there are always thousands of things to do and efforts to give. And even though we have made compact strategies to attack all of these matters, crises and emergencies will wreck us. It is not easy to look for perfect stability between the things we must work on versus the things we mostly end up working on.

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When she writes, she usually visits the wordcountool.com to assist her in the write-ups. During her free time, she likes to listen to music – ranging from the classic ones to K-Pop. She also goes to places where there are abundant flowers, trees, and plants as it empowers and retrieves her energy and motivation in life.

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