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The Bitter Truth?

Deeply Inspiring Poetry by Sandhya Nagaraj
Would the truth be shattering
If we didn't build a glass wall with what is not?
Would the truth drive us to despair
If we didn't live a love untrue?
Would the truth hurt like a thorn
If we didn't only hold unreal dethorned roses?
Would the truth taste so bitter
If we didn't falsely sugarcoat every word?

Wouldn't the truth instead be comforting
If we acknowledged the reality of this world
Wouldn't the truth then be healing
If we knew that everything that's worth takes time
Wouldn't the truth also be revealing
Of mysteries that takes more than a keen eye to see
Wouldn't the truth just be as well known
As the fact that the earth goes around the Sun
And not the other way around?

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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