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How Will A Drinking & Driving Conviction Affect My Car Insurance?

Car Insurance Driving after drinking alcohol is not only injurious for your health but also affects your Car Insurance. There is a list of drinks and other items that affects the insurance. Drinking and driving have become major violations these days.

Impaired driving affects the premiums and also the car insurance. Here's How a DUI offense can greatly affect your insurance premiums.

No insurance company can offer relaxation for such a great violation. After drinking alcohol, your ability to drive any vehicle decreases, and it causes serious issues for people on the road. Being a Canadian, you might be familiar that impaired driving is a very severe offense. Whether you have car insurance or not, it will affect you as no insurance company covers a DUI individual.

Premium Increases:

If you continue to get convicted, again and again, it will raise your premiums. Insurance carriers will check your previous driving history. If you are a high-risk driver, you will have to face gross change. Sometimes the price could be doubled or more than it. However, if you are already paying for being a high-risk driver, then the premium will increase slightly. Also, you have to pay for a longer time.

Possible Cancellation:

Car Insurance Some car insurance companies even cancel the insurance policy due to impaired driving and high-risks. However, insurance cancellation is quite rare and done on mid-policy. Also, you may get a non-renewal status as the insurance company cannot carry on with a traffic violator client. Most often, you will receive the no-renew status email before thirty-five days of your renewal date.

In that case, you can contact an insurance agent to ask for other options. If you have an individual insurance agent, he will sort out your issue.

SR22 Requirements:

Offensive driving is a risk for an insurance policy and also for the public. Several states require to fill the SR22 form for checking the insurance active status. Driving conviction, again and again, raises a red flag for you. However, if you have filed an SR22 form, it will allow the agent to make certain safety changes to your insurance. An SR22 is not much expensive as the insurance premium you have to face after the violation.

Other Factors That Can Influence Your Auto-Insurance After DUI

DUI is also known as DWI & DWAI in most states of the world. The location affects your car insurance and some other factor affects too.

Age: Most often the young drivers are riskier to insure. If you are 18 years old and convicted for violation then you have to pay double the amount. The 30 years old person has to pay half of the amount.

Time: Also, the rates depend upon the time of your last DUI. Insurance companies will see your three to five-year driving history to check your status. You can qualify for normal if you have 35 months of clean driving.

Number of DUIs: The rates also depend upon the number of DUIs in the last driving years. A person with four DUIs gets 285% more expenses than a premium.

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