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Board Portal Software: How Does It Work?

Why need any board of directors software? Read our Boardable review to learn this soft’s key features your business can benefit from.

Board Portal Software Directors ’meetings usually involve numerous tasks that will include schedule planning, document gathering, arranging business trips, etc. With no use of modern techs, it is a rare occasion when everything goes smoothly. In most cases, you should prepare yourself for all types of mistakes, misunderstandings, or oversights. This will definitely cost you time but it also may be disadvantageous in terms of money.

Luckily, you can forget about problems like these when adapting board portal software to your governance model. This is a ready-made solution worked out exactly for corporate management. With its help, the organization and holding the meeting won’t remind you of a space mission to Mars anymore.

However, don’t be too fast to purchase the first virtual boardroom you will come across. This software incorporates multiple tools the number of which varies from vendor to vendor. Your company might not need all of them while some instruments will be a must. So, read this Boardable review to get a clear idea of what this soft can give you and how to choose the very provider your business needs.

Board Portal: The Definition

Board Portal is an electronic software designed for preparing and holding directors ’meetings online. They allow an easy arrangement of all the necessary documentation. By using one, c- suite members can interact from whatever geographical points.

Some would call this product a virtual boardroom, board management software, or board of directors software. There’s no fundamental difference among these notions. However, each brand may have its own characteristics and specific features - you should examine them by all means before purchasing.

What Makes Virtual Boardroom Software Indispensable?

When a computer program for video conferences is your idea of board software, you should rethink it. This is much more complex equipment. Here, a messenger application is only one instrument from numerous others. To understand how effective your corporate governance may be, let’s list the main features of this soft.

Board Portal Software Schedule Planning

This is usually a complex of tools that allows almost automatic meeting scheduling. All directors will be able to come into line with the schedule. Each of them will have a built-in calendar and receive messages with reminders or meeting times proposals.

Members Management

This menu contains the directors ’profiles with all the info your secretary might need when planning virtual board meetings. This includes each member’s location, contact information, etc. Thus, one can fix a date that will suit everyone more easily.

Committees Management

It is possible to connect various committees to your meetings. This is a usual practice for such procedures as mergers and acquisitions, audits, and so on.

Documentation Management

Board document management tools represent one of the key benefits of the soft. One can add the required papers, change their formats, store them, and share them securely and quickly. In fact, this is your chance to make your meetings indeed paperless. And this will only make them better!

Virtual Rooms

A virtual room is a digital variant of your conference hall to which the c-suite members can be connected and thus participate in real-time discussions. This is a more secure way to communicate since you will have enough access and security tools at your disposal.

Interaction Tools

These tools will allow you to hold virtual board meetings the same way you have run them in your ‘real ’office. All members will be able to assign tasks to committees, comment on new proposals, vote, watch the history of changes in each paper, etc.

Security Management

To ensure the security and privacy of your documentation, virtual boardrooms should use the latest encryption technologies and industry-standard protection equipment. Although this point does not go first in our Boardable review, checking it is the first thing to do when shopping around providers.

Board Portal Software Support & Feedback Tools

Board portal software is ready-to-use equipment, but this is not anything fixed once and for all. Instead, it can be updated in compliance with your needs.

Guest Management

There are cases when other employees or partners - not ones of the stakeholders - are involved in the meeting. Guest management tools will allow you to set rules of access for each person.

Mobile Adaptability

Wish to run board portal software on your mobile device? Today, you won’t have any problem with this. You can use either the full version of the software or only a couple of necessary instruments.

When going over these functions, be aware that each vendor may call them in a different way. That does not alter their essence; however, you should clearly understand the purpose of each tool offered to you.

How to Pick a Boardroom Software Vendor for Your Company?

The above is a clear illustration of how effective virtual boardroom software may be for your company. Now, you need to make your final decision on a certain brand. You will clear your mind of any doubts when evaluating the following arguments.

  • The exact features you need and ones you can do without.
  • Soft compatibility with your governance model.
  • The vendor’s reputation, experience, and customer feedback.
  • Level of security.
  • The Free Trial options.
The latter is not only a sign of a solid team that feels easy about letting you try its product before purchasing it. This option will give you the ability to check how adaptable the software is for your company. You will also know whether all c-suite members can use it with little effort. Thus, you will be able to adjust your board portal software beforehand and there won’t be great surprises just in the course of your important sessions.

One more point to consider is pricing. The key rule here is to be sensible. The more options you want the higher price you might expect. When lured with a lucrative offer from any provider, make sure to check its reputation, levels of its soft security, and so on. Thus, factor in all these options and only then go to the purchase. Follow this rule and your virtual boardroom will improve your corporate governance strategies and the whole business.

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