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How to Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement surveys are designed to understand employee involvement and how motivated they are in order to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently each day.

Employee Engagement Survey Employee engagement surveys are designed to understand employee involvement and how motivated they are in order to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently each day. To be precise, it is designed to gain perceptions into the insights of motivation towards work, team spirit, leadership, culture of the organization, resources, and others related to the organization.

In order to conduct an employee engagement survey, an organization needs to follow a few steps so that they are aware of the physical and psychological condition of the employees. If the employees are motivated, committed, and have emotional security, they tend to perform better, which is beneficial for the company.

Ways to Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey

Inaugurating a successful employee engagement survey requires a proper strategy and careful consideration for the before, after, and during the survey steps. Firstly, you need a clear idea of the goal of your survey in order to conduct it accurately.

Estimate the Starting Point

Hit the road by creating a benchmark to help track the progress and the success of your upcoming employee engagement plans. Ask the employees about their current situation and take feedback from them. This will help to increase communications with the employees and change the organizational culture for good.

Engage Senior Leaders

Support is immensely needed from the leaders in order to make changes. Involve them in the overall process during the master plan, so that you can work on the objectives of the survey together and take proposals from them.

Employee Engagement Survey Plan the Objectives

Focus on the high prioritized objectives, especially on the areas where productivity level is dropping. Take employee feedback as much as possible and understand where they are facing the challenges most, try to keep the survey short and precise and not too harsh so that your employees do not feel overburdened.

Make Clear Communication

Provide proper details and be open to your employees. Give them honest opinions from beginning to end in order to gather better data. Let them know why, when, what and how the survey works. If you do not provide all the information to the employees, they might not be able to trust which can be a big issue before receiving feedback from them about the current situation of the company. Let them know that the survey will be anonymous and they have full freedom to share what they feel.

Designing the Survey

Make a KISS approach—Keep it simple, stupid when creating the survey. Employees will not complete the survey if it is too complex or too long. They will rush in order to complete the survey and as a result, it might fail to provide proper feedback. The design of the survey has to be short and simple and include open-ended questions and close-ended questions to collect both quantitative and qualitative statistics.

Share the Outcome

Total transparency is required while conducting employee engagement surveys. Share the results with employees once it is done. Arrange meetings with the employees and discuss the results to make the employees feel more engaged throughout the process.

Involve all the Stakeholders

It is important to involve all the stakeholders of the organization in the survey. Surveys can be via an online questionnaire or a written questionnaire. If all stakeholders are not involved in the survey, it might go in vain. Involve all of them from the beginning to end, the overall decision-making process.

Stakeholders those need to be kept involved from the preparation process:

  • HR director and managers
  • Line manager
  • Executive Board
  • Internal communication department
  • Overall all the employees
Employee Engagement Survey Importance of Employee Engagement Survey

This survey can be very helpful for the employees as it assures the safety of the emotional and physical condition of the employees. It will help to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses which is very important in order to make the organization grow further.

Employee engagement surveys help to detect the overall knowledge gaps of the employees. Training can be provided to those employees who lack some skills in whatever sectors they need to specialize in.

Moreover, it can lower the absenteeism rate and bring loyalty to the organization because they are more engaged in the workforce. They will feel more challenged and enjoy their workspace.

5 Employee Engagement Survey Platform

The survey gets easier to build if good survey providers are used. The survey platform mentioned below can be useful to build a proper employee engagement survey.

  • Recognize- RecognizeApp is one of the best employee recognition and engagement platforms out there. It has a premium automated engagement survey system.
  • SurveyMonkey- Helps to increase engagement of the employees with their correct, reliable, and established solution.
  • Leapsome- Helps to select the best surveys and psychologists and professionals develop the questions.
  • Bonusly- Helps to create surveys to keep engaged with employees, merge it with your communication tools to improve awareness.
  • Assembly- It has an over 90% adoption rate, and is a reward platform where you can customize and send all types of engagement forms and receive feedback.
  • 15five- With 30 templates and 120 questions offered, you can choose or design surveys according to your need and preference.


Conducting an employee engagement survey is very necessary in order to keep the workforce motivated and achieve business goals. It has direct effects on the employees as highly motivated employees tend to perform better which every organization wants.

A deeper commitment towards work can create a better environment and help the organization to meet its mission and vision. The happier an employee is, the better they tend to perform.

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