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How To Stay Motivated When Starting a Business

Lack of Motivation holds most people back and it hurts when you run out of it. When it comes to starting and running a business, you need it all the more. Here are 3 profound tips on staying charged up. Read ON! 
Stay Motivated When Starting a Business You're working all day and night to start your own business. You finally feel like things are falling into place when, suddenly, you're set back by unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes it feels as if you're on a crazy roller coaster ride going through major ups and downs, and it gets hard to remember why you began this process in the first place.

At these moments of doubt and frustration, it's important to regain a sense of motivation. Hopefully, the list below will help you rekindle your passion while you begin a new startup (or at least bring a smile to your face today).

1. Surround Yourself With Inspiring Quotes

Have you ever noticed posters on the wall with positive quotes when you walk into a classroom? Yes, those posters are used as decorations, but they also help foster a more positive mindset.

It's no secret that words have the power to affect people's mindsets. This is why some people hang up famous quotes from their favorite celebrities or coaches. For example, plenty of people like to read various Vince Lombardi quotes on perfectionand resilience because they're thought-provoking.

Many studies have shown the effects of positive and negative words/self-talk on thinking patterns. Negative thinking patterns tend to lead to anxiety and depression, resulting in lower motivation levels.

If you're prone towards negative self-talk, perhaps surrounding yourself with inspiring quotes could help you stay more positive and motivated. You could hang up posters with quotes or words of affirmation in your office or create sticky notes and place them around your home. Every time you open your fridge or check your emails, you'll see a piece of inspiration that could give you the confidence boost that you may need as you work towards building your business.

2. Create a Vision board

Stay Motivated When Starting a Business Sometimes, it's hard to keep the big picture in the forefront of your mind when facing challenges. You originally wanted to create a business because you had a vision. If you forget that vision, it's hard to push past setbacks.

Creating a vision board could be a great way to help remind you of your goals and improve motivation. Many successful business owners started with just a vision board, and it helped to inspire them every step of the way.

To create a board of your own, you first need to think about your desired results:

  • Do you want your business to grow into a large franchise, or do you want it to remain local?
  • What kinds of people do you see your business benefiting?
  • What images do you associate with your ideal vision of success?
After you think about these things, you need to find or create pictures that match your goals and pin them to your board. Once you're satisfied with your images, you need to put your board up in a place where you can look at it daily.

Every time you begin to doubt, you can look up at your board and remember why you're working so hard.

3. Celebrate Your Victories

A teacher once wrote a series of math equations on his chalkboard and answered them correctly except for one. His students quickly pointed out his error. He turned to his students and said to them: "This is a lesson, kids. You can do almost everything right, but it's always the error that people will notice first." After hearing this, the kids solemnly thought about their teacher's words.

It's true that as humans, we tend to emphasize our errors over our victories. However, dwelling on what you've done wrong and not acknowledging your successes can lead to negative self-talk. Instead of beating yourself up over failures, it's more beneficial to see your errors as learning opportunities and celebrate your victories.

Next time you feel tempted to focus on your mistakes, force yourself to remember what you've done right (no matter how small) because it will build your confidence.


Startups can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Still, you can improve your resilience by surrounding yourself with positive quotes, creating a vision board, and celebrating your victories. Staying positive is the key to remaining motivated as you strive to make your business a success. Keep this advice in mind the next time you're feeling unaccomplished with your business efforts.

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